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Written about Friday 2009-04-10
Written: (4826 days ago)


Feeling great! Ive won my first contest, which im delighted about^^ Ive decided im gonna start creating large scale work using watercolours, oils and acrylics, and pencil on canvas..so im gonna make a trip to the art shop soon to get all of the materials..and soon i hope that i might start to be able to sell pieces of work or get comissions from people..i can draw or paint anything...just ask and ill give it a go! So im feeling really excited and good atm ^_^


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Written about Friday 2008-11-21
Written: (4967 days ago)

Entered another contest today...the zombie and all that Jazz competiton =) I used pencil and coloured pencil to do it, although i had to take a picture with my phone camera, which is shizzle xD But it turned out good i think, and im quite happy with it^^

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Written about Tuesday 2008-11-18
Written: (4969 days ago)

Hellooooo Diary xD

Entered into my first competiton yesterday, the ECM Elf contest..im excited, ive never been in a competiton before, and ive only just joined Elftown, but im happy with my entry, ive been told its very good for Paint, so i am proud of myself, cos ive never used paint before xD But yeah, its been a goood day, although Max Payne was a very weird film xD

End of Diary xD

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