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Written about Wednesday 2005-03-02
Written: (6326 days ago)

Have you ever had someone who thinks that your going to tell a secret, when you know your not going to?
Well, just the best person in the whole wide world seems to think so. my boyfriend. He has this secret that he doesnt want me to tell anyone and i havent. for a while now ive known this secret. And now today he calls me and tells me that he has a secret of someone elses and he cant tell me cuz he thinks im gonna tell everyone. and i asked him do you think that thats the kinda person i am? and he mummbled something. i told him flat out that im glad he thinks thats the kinda person i am... and if i couldnt keep a secret i would of told everyone his lil secret. but did i?! NOOO!!!! i didnt open my fucking mouth once. i wouldnt do that to anyone. especially him or one of my closest friends. it just really pisses me off. and i dont know why ppl have to do that to begin with. Its really annoying when someone you know walks up to you and says, " oh i know a secret about somebody but i cant tell you! haha!"
if you have a secret about something or someone then KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!! Jesus Christ!

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Written about Saturday 2005-02-19
Written: (6338 days ago)

i find it really wrong that someone would say that they are with somebody and that they love them and want to marry them, and are "engaged" and then start going out with 3 other ppl. its really annoying. if u really love somebody wouldnt u wanna be honest with them,and not lie about seeing other ppl? i know i certainly would. am i wrong or am i right? and then some ppl have the nerve to say " oh i know for a fact that he's cheating on me, he's in college and i know that he goes out with other gurls. i know he does that. and besides, a 15 year old and a 18 year old in college have like no chance of staying together." i personally would feel horrible. not only for my fiance, but also for the other person/persons that i was with. and it also looks really sluty. it makes u look like yah know oh yeah i can get ne guy i want blah blah blah. i can go around cheating on like 4 different guys and not feel bad or feel any remorse for the other ppl. Its like oh yeah i can lie and not get caught, but then whats gonna happen if i do get caught? nothing really. i wouldnt care cuz i already had my way with all 4 guys. and i wont learn nething from it, i'll probably just do it again tomarrow.
  God, that just really pisses me off that someone would not have any respect for anyone but themselves. But, hopefully that person will learn her leson and not do it nemore, becuz when that one person/ fiance, comes back and she tells him what she's been doing the whole time and she looses him, then she'll know how many ppl she hurt.

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Written about Saturday 2005-01-29
Written: (6358 days ago)

Well tomarrow ish Dan and I's 3 month anniversary! im so happy. But there are alot of ppl at skewl who are trying to come inbetween us. i just wanna leave the world behind. Especially Amsterdam. i hate it here. and i feel really bad about Heather and Devin. He ish such a douche bag for puting her through this. She wants to give him everything and all he can do ish tell another girl he loves her. Does he even know what love means? sometimes i wonder if anyone really knows what love ish. I dont know i keep having these dreams of all my loved ones dying. i dont know why. I wake up crying becuz of it. The worst part ish when Dan gets killed by my mom. and its funny cuz he had a dream lastnight about the same thing. My mom ran him over with her car, she claims she likes him. Its my dad that i have to worry about. I sometimes get the feeling that he doesnt want me to have friends. everytime i'm around my friends he acts like he owns me. i hate that!! he doesnt own me. and he even says that he does own me. we always have arguements and he always comes out with the whole "i own u until ur 21" FUCK HIM !!! im not a piece of fucking meat that he can sell. im not a fucking slave. i absolutly hate him when he says shit like that. The only time i dont mind him ish when he gets me stuff or brings me to places with my friends. which ish almost like never. i know it sounds selfish but its true. and now him and my mom are getting back together after seperating. i dont really know how to adjust to that. its like i want my mom to be happy, but i like when its just me and her. i used to hate my mom but now that ive been here with her for like 5 yrs its a lot kewler to spend time with her. she lets me do more and i dont know... i just hope that my dad doesnt just up and leave like he did last time. He better not hurt us again, i dont think i could handle it again. well im gonna go

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Written about Thursday 2004-10-07
Written: (6472 days ago)

OMG!!! Today was the best day ever!!! Im finally going out with Caty!! whoop whoop!! she's sooo hot and i love her to death.. i would give my life to her!!!! she's my babies daddy!! Brosh Spelderd! Half Josh Elderd and Half Brittany Spears... wheeeeeeee!!!! I LOVE YOU CATY!!!


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Written about Saturday 2004-09-18
Written: (6492 days ago)

well again im bored as hell and my mom is pestering me to get off the computer and im bored.

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