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Written about Monday 2012-01-02
Written: (3831 days ago)

So, apparently, my husband and I are related to each other. Through this man:


My 25th great grandfather on my father's side and Robert's 29th great grandfather on his father's side. No wonder Sarah is so strong. She's got the blood of the greatest knight that ever lived running through her from both sides of the family ;)

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Written about Sunday 2011-11-20
Written: (3875 days ago)

Getting really damned tired of everyone claiming that EVERYONE in the US is a bigot, an idiot, SUPER fucking religious (and thus hates everyone not of their particular branch of religion), and super fat, entitled douche bags.

Fuck you. Going to start removing people from my friends list because, hey, I don't like being insulted by people I thought were friends. Shall I start going on a man bashing spree even though the majority of men aren't rapist, sexist pigs? Shall I start going on a Euro-hating spree even though most aren't child-raping snail-eaters? Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?

If you hate living here so much and don't wish to present a reasonable solution for the problems, then simply move the fuck to Canada or somewhere else. Otherwise, be productive and quit just whining about shit and insulting everyone.


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Written about Saturday 2011-11-19
Written: (3876 days ago)
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Sometimes lawyers go and surprise me. This is a real man. He has the resources to take care of them all, and does so. And I admit, it made me cry (in a good way). I'm a baby. Suck it :P


As a note, btw... adoptions (in the USA, at least) are expensive. People wonder why more people don't adopt a child instead of trying make their own. My husband and I looked at the costs. It's approximately $10,000 to adopt a child. About the same price to go through IVF. And, of course, unaided conception and birth are even cheaper :-/ So it's very difficult to adopt a child. You gotta pay that cost, and then come up with the money to keep them clothed and fed (money that you would have had if you didn't have to pay that 10k)

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Written about Tuesday 2011-08-09
Written: (3977 days ago)
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This was actually very cool to see on Main Street. [Kahless]'s drawing slot photo and [Helob]'s drawing slot photo (the one where he's in green, not his band image). It was great seeing the two next to each other instead of just those photos where people hold their camera up in the air so that they're looking up at the camera and make the "I'm so sexy" face (which really just looks like they ate something sour) cluttering up the random photo/drawing slots.

*edit* Lawl, and looking at that grouping of photos again, there's at least two chicks with those kinds of shots there with them. One making sure to get as much cleavage into the shot as possible

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Written about Wednesday 2011-06-15
Written: (4033 days ago)

I saw the book at Amazon a couple of months and thought about getting it. Then one of my friends posted this link on facebook. It's the book "Go the Fuck to Sleep" narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. The book is hilarious. And his reading of it is genius.


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