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Written about Saturday 2020-08-22
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Hello there! *Doing my best Obi-Wan Kenobi impersonation*

It's been a looong time since I've been here on ol' Elftown! A recent Facebook group invitation somehow got me back here... looking to see if the place was even still kicking at all. Now I find myself sifting through leftover nostalgia. Not sure how much time this place has left... but it's been worth the visit back. While my journey with my art started long before Elfwood and Elftown... I did grow as an artist through a lot of my years spent here and at a place called Outcast Studios. So, whether or not this place is going to go away at some point... I almost find it fitting that I'm here for it... in some form or fashion. To oddly celebrate the creative energy and fun prowess that this community once brought. Honestly, looking at this place now... it really was the pinnacle to the beginnings of social media... but this place had a warmth and charm that kept you coming back. It was a special place. To see what everyone was working on creatively... right at the moment. Anyway, I could probably ramble on for days about the goodness that was Elftown, I'm sure... but I'll spare everyone with that. It likely won't do any good, anyway... other than pass the time. If this is the beginning to the final chapters of Elftown... here's one last major big group hug and beverage raising for the place... as a way of saying thanks and for all of the great memories. ***HUGZZZ*** It will always have a special place in my heart for so many reasons, for sure. :) I will likely remain here and visit from time to time... until one day the login page no longer shows. So, cheers, my fellow Elftowners... let's go out with a bang and party like it's 2020! Why not? Everything else crazy is happening this year! :P Peace, love, and happiness. :D

- Derek [Hendercrazy] Henderson

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