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Written about Wednesday 2010-12-01
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I miss her...

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Written about Thursday 2007-02-22
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I'm in a ranting mood. I know this entry will probably apply, and maybe even offend people that I know. If you are offended, you obviously don't know me well enough. Don’t read if you’re going to whine like a little bitch.

Lately, in my boredom, I have taken to using the "Random Member" feature. More often than not, it ends up leaving me pissed. There are very few out there with truly interesting houses, worth reading, and even fewer spark my interest enough to actually message someone.

From looking at the houses of the people that I know, I am absolutely positive not a god dammed one of them has ever visited, let alone read and sympathized with the Take Elftown Back movement. Though I have yet to actually involve myself with this, I strongly support it.

Every god dammed mother fucking person's house that I know fits to a "T" So You Wanna Make an Emo House?. Do you fucking realize that Elftown is not here to display your lists of surveys, what bands you love, who your god dammed friends are, who “watches” your house and made some shitty MS Paint graphic to show it, and what chain mail equivalent quotes you like. And dear Jebus, the fucking 13 year old whores who talk about how slutty they are and take pictures of themselves that wouldn't even be appropriate for Hustler!!!

I can understand wanting to display information about yourself, I've done the same, but for a 500 fucking question survey to compose eleven of the twenty pages that is your house, MOVE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! See, ET has this wonderful system called WIKIS!!! Jesus Christ. I hate having to scroll down for 30 fucking minutes just to send a freaking message! And fucking A, every single fucking survey has the same damned "I want to be weird and different so I'm just like everyone else" answers. I think you should all just find the most god dammed emo answers you can, put it on a wiki, and everyone link to it. It would save you the time of actually trying to think of the most emo thing you can think of for an answer, and save me the fucking time of actually glancing at the damned thing as I scroll down!!! Bandwidth is a natural resource, conserve it!!!

Now we all know that music is your fucking life. Apparently, it’s everyone else’s god dammed life as well!!! I swear to god every fucking house I see has “Music is my life!” and the roster of the most fucking emo or “I want to be rebellious and different” bands there are. Now don’t get me wrong, I love music, and many of the bands that people list, I actually like, ut fucking A, your Elftown house is not the fucking place to list your equivalent of the 500 best bands Billboard chart. I suggest you all fucking get together and do the same damn thing as with the surveys. By being so fucking “different”, you end up the exact fucking same as everyone else.

Now though the previous two topics really piss me off, the next drives me fucking nuts. Why the fuck do you list who your friends are on your fucking house? Are you all so blind, stupid, or both to completely miss the damned “Relations” graphic that you can fucking CLICK and it LISTS who your god dammed friends are. Again, they took the time and effort to incorporate the feature into Elftown, why the fuck are you ignoring it?!? If I wanted to see who the fuck your friends are, I’d expend the damned 0.05 calories to click the fucking link and LOOK!

Now the whole “watching this house” does not make a god dammed it of sense to me!! What the fuck are you going to do? Spam the person who somehow “wrongs” your friend? Assuming the person even actually wronged your friend, by trying to “defend” them, you stoop to an even lower level. If it’s a serious grievance, and it actually violates the rules, report it to the fucking guards. Again, feature that is fucking incorporated into Elftown, and is completely IGNORED!! And hey, ever heard of the fucking “Block” button? Is it so fucking hard to just click it? Stop being fucking retarded and think for a dammed minute.

By the way, MS Paint SUCKS!!! Stop using it to fucking make your shitty-ass graphics that just pollute Elftown even more. I think I’ve only see a couple of graphics made in MS Paint that actually show a little bit of skill, and I’m sure that if moved to a different medium, such as GIMP (WHICH IS FREE!!!!) or Photoshop (which if I know you, I can provide), would produce decent-quality images.

Now I swear to fucking god, if I see one more “If Abercrombie and Fitch said it was uncool to breath, 93% of the population would die, report this if you are one of the 7% who would be laughing”, I’m going to fucking start stabbing people. I think fucking Southpark exemplified it best when making fun of the goth kids. “I’m so non-conformist that I’m not conforming to your non-conformity”. Don’t you fucking realize how stupid all that shit is, and how much you’re trying to force yourself to fit into the fucking wanna-be mainstream counterculture? You only end up stereotyping your god dammed self. I could rant on this subject for fucking hours, and I’m sure most of the people I know would get all emo about it. Tough fucking shit. By the way, this goes for all those fucking “Rape is wrong” and “Guy loves girl so he saves her, killing him” stories. Yes, we know rape is wrong, and saying you don’t support it is fucking stating the obvious. The only people who support it, are rapists!! As for the “love” stories, I think I’m going to puke. I’m sick to fucking death about reading the same damn story on every-other fucking house. I get the fucking point. I had to send people who knew my e-mail address this link: www.thanksno.com . Maybe you should all read it, and apply it to fucking EVERYTHING!!! And yes, I sent it to everyone from who I was dating at the time, to my fucking parents and even fucking teachers!! I HATE CHAIN LETTERS!!! It’s worse than fucking spam.

Now this is the worst fucking thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve already ranted about it before, but it keeps getting worse. It’s bad enough that females, and even males, who are of age take and post pictures of themselves that are too fucking revealing, but for fucking teenagers to do it, it’s not only morally corrupt (and you know if I’m saying something is morally corrupt, it’s really fucking bad) but downright sickening. If I wanted to see porn of legal age adults, I would fucking watch it!! And if you’re not legal age, PUT SOME GOD DAMMED CLOTHES ON AND LEAVE THE CAMERA ALONE!!! What’s even worse is that most of these tend to talk about how “sexy” they, how good they are in bed, and how much they like sex. I understand that teenagers have sex, I did, but then to talk about it, online, where fucking anybody who uses Google can find it, is retarded. And then, to itch about how everyone calls you a whore, it’s fucking ridiculous. Hey, maybe if someone is calling you a whore, step back, take a look at your life, and consider the fact that they are fucking RIGHT. Get your head out of your god dammed ass and think for once!!!

My last and final itching point tonight is you cheap-ass mother fuckers. Yes, if you use braces ([]) around a person’s username, it creates a link, and if the username doesn’t exist, it turns it red. This is standard web practice. Now for those who use it to add color to your house, STOP!!! If you would ever take the time to learn about the community that you are raping with your crap, you would learn that Elftown rewards DONORS with the ability to use color in their house. Hey, even if you can’t afford it, you can donate your time, energy, artwork, poetry, whatever to Elftown, and they REWARD you for it. Now I’m not the best advocate for this, since I have no artistic ability, I don’t make anything I write public, and I don’t have the funds nor the means to donate cash, but at least I don’t try to abuse the pseudo-html of Elftown to give me a feature that I have not EARNED! The only think I could ever hope to donate is my technical skills, and they appear to not be needed, let alone requested, so I doubt I will ever earn a Badge, but I respect Elftown, and I do NOT take it for granted. I’ve met many who share the same interests and beliefs, and I’ve been able to showcase some of my technical skills to those who are interested because of it.

Now for the wrap-up. I’m surprised you made it this far. If you scrolled down, you cheated, go ack and read it all first.

Elftown, is first and foremost, a community. A place for those with similar interests, from fantasy to photography, to gather and display their talents. To meet others with the same interests, and work for the greater good of the community. If you want to socially network, go fucking plague MySpace or Facebook, they welcome your type. Delete everything off of your house, change your username to something random, end your relations, and LEAVE. If you want to meet people who really care about what Elftown truly is and stand for, stay, and hopefully, through your presence and the presence of others who agree that Elftown is for fantasy, it can become a strong, thriving community advocating on everyone’s behalf.

Those who know me know I hate stupidity, and it seems that everything around me is pure ignorance. Again, people who really know me will know that it is not the people I hate, it is the actions. Be yourself, but be intelligent about it. I respect someone who has the ability to stand up for who they are and what they believe in, but I hate those who try to conform and fit in. If you are really trying to express yourself, you will find a more creative way than fulfilling everything that is represented in So You Wanna Make an Emo House?, and you will find a medium that will allow you to find who you are, and show everyone the beauty of it. As for me, I’m still trying to find that medium. Maybe I’ll start posting my writing again, or maybe I really will pick up music like James suggests, but despite not finding my medium yet, I do know who I am, what I love, and what I want. Thanks for reading. ^.^

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