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Written about Friday 2008-09-26
Written: (5020 days ago)


This is the state we live in now... god bless the fucking USA...

I'm so moving...
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Written about Saturday 2005-02-12
Written: (6341 days ago)

Lets see....

In the past 3 days I have had 6 hours of sleep, gotten into 2 fights with higher ranking personel, drank at least 20 pots of coffee, smoked 7 packs of cigarettes and shot an Iraqi militant....

So yeah the last few days have been stressful to say the least. Please forgive my less than accomodating attitude these last few days.

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Written about Friday 2004-12-17
Written: (6398 days ago)

What the heck, I'll start writing stuff down....maybe it'll make for interesting reading someday....

Anyway, I finished the rough draft on the history page today. I wish I could have found more, but all in good time I suppose. It feels so good to finally contribute something, I only wish there was more I could do...

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