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Written about Monday 2014-05-26
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ever had that one ex u couldnt get out of ur mind. everytime u try u get angry and wish u did somthing diffrent or not do what you did 2 loss them. been so many years 4 me since i talk 2 her and even longer since i seen her. yet i still find my self thinking of her and how she is doing. woundering to my self why these thoughs keep coming up in my head. then 2 day i got a random email with her pix in it. no name no words how ik it was her after 7years almost. her tattoo. the one with my T in it. ive not spoken her name 2 any1 n 5 years. and out of no where sum1 sends me her pix 2 my privite email no one but my fellow officers have this email. none of them know her or even heard me say her name. yet this unknow email with her pix was sent to me. i work odd cases all the time and this one has me confused. idk what it means or why i got it. the user deleted his or her account secs after it was sent to me. i just dont get it. should i look in on her or let it go. my hart says leave it alone but my gut says check it out. maybe im reading 2 much n2 this idk its just far 2 odd 4 me to negnore. if any1 has an idea what i should do im open 4 advise plz.

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Written about Wednesday 2010-12-15
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Written about Sunday 2006-04-23
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