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Written about Thursday 2008-07-10
Written: (5097 days ago)

You really don't have to read this, I just needed to vent somewhere, and right now, I don't have anyone to talk to besides my dog.
Um... I just did the stupidest thing ever today... and I'm not too proud of it. I feel as though someone ripped my heart from my chest, threw it on the floor, then tore it to shreds with a weed-whacker. I'm never going to have another crush on another person ever again. Did you ever feel like, even though the whole room is watching you, the one person you acctually want to notice you, isn't even looking? I'm sure everyone's felt that way one time or another, so I know what your thinking, "What makes her so special?"
Thats just it.
I'm not any different from everybody else, we've mostly all been though the same things, so seriously, I'm sorry for writing this. Thats all I had to get off my chest, thanks for reading this if you did. ^^;
and again, Sorry.

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Written about Thursday 2008-04-24
Written: (5174 days ago)

Right now,
I dont know whats going on with me.
I feel alone. More so then I ever have before.
I just learned that some people, who I trusted completly, have been talking behind my back. People who I thought were my friends.
I guess not.
I only have one person to talk to now, But, she's on a short leash with her parents. Shes not really allowed to leave the house, so she never comes over. I only get to talk to her in school and shes only in my History class and we dont really get to talk in any of our classes. She is in my tech ed class too and chorus, but... I dont really count that as 'Class.'
Exuse my ranting, I doubt anyone's going to read this anyway...
But, Right now, I just need a freind. This is going to be the worst summer ever, mainly because I'll have no one to hang out with.
I've made some stupid moves this year, alot of which I could never wish on anyone. It seems the only thing good going on right now is that I got into Monty Tech.
I dont know, Its just, I want someone to talk to. Or more like, someone who will listen... Sorry to everyone who reads this, (If anyone). I dont have much else to say...

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Written about Thursday 2008-01-10
Written: (5279 days ago)

Another zodiac quiz I took, sorry, I love these things. This one fits me like, perfectly.
Element: Water Symbol: The Crab Planetary Ruler: Moon Color: Silver, Pale Blue Stone: Pearl, Moonstone Metal: Silver Common Professions: Antique dealer, Fisherman, Historian, Housewife, Nurse, Sailor, School Teacher. Best Compatibility: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces. Description: The sign of the "Protector". Cancer is the true nurturer of the Zodiac, always caring and considering others well being. Cancer is an extremely emotional sign, and is closely related to the feminine aspect, or the mother. Like the soft white rays of the moon, Cancers motives are almost always pure. This makes for a very beautiful and lovable person. Although the Cancer personality can be very vulnerable at times, it has its defenses. People born under this sign tend to be shy and keep their distance. Cancer is always quick to forgive and their strength lies in their ability to move past petty issues. Although sometimes gullible, Cancer always rebounds and turns a dark situation light. Cancer people although not usually leaders, know how to move people. They connect to others on an inner level, and always influence the people they associate with for the better. Once committed, Cancer people are extremely devoted. They are always faithful and loyal, but their relationships need security. Cancer personalities need constant reassurance of how their partners feel, and sometimes can become too dependant. Cancer places high importance on the idea of family and the home. Cancer personalities relate well to children, and are a true inspiration of spirit to those in need of assistance. Cancer people are fair minded, and always willing to compromise. They are extremely resourceful when the time comes, and can seem to pull just what they need right out of thin air.

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Written about Thursday 2008-01-10
Written: (5279 days ago)

I decided to take a zodiac quiz on quizilla, and here are my results. It sounds like me, except for the nursery school teacher part. lol.

Symbol: the Crab
Ruling Planet: the Moon
Ruling House: Fourth House
Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Body Parts: breasts, digestion
Keyword: HOME
Date with destiny: Scorpio, Pisces
Run for the hills: Aries, Libra
Where you glow: hosting a party
What makes you tick: nostalgia
Fitness forecast: swimming
Play date: redecorating
Perfect jobs: chef, nursery school teacher
Best accessory: hand-knitted scarf
A sure thing: best dish at the potluck
Destination: Orlando
Pleasure: baking, comfort, children
Pain: snide remarks, forgetfulness, crab jokes
Kindness: Your sensitive, caring and sympathetic nature allows you to provide relief to those who seek comfort and support.
What's my line? Home is where the heart is.

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