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Written about Wednesday 2012-01-04
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Please can all of you who read this do me a favour and go vote for my lovely friend Poppy Thorn in the Ultravixens Competition? :). Poppy is a lovely girl, absolutely stunning and a fantastic model to boot! She's worked hard to get where she is now in this competition and has stayed strong and dedicated throughout it, despite receiving alot of abuse from another model in the competition *cough* Glitzy Foxx *cough*cough* (who has actually been cheating herself). So winning this would mean the world to her :). All you need to do is go to www.ultravixens.net/competition and click 'Cast Your Vote' underneath Poppy's photo. You will need to create an account first but it's free to do so and you don't get any spam from them at all :).


Harry :)

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Written about Monday 2011-06-27
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