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Written about Monday 2009-01-26
Written: (4899 days ago)

Today's quote:
Trouble is a part of your life, and if you don't share it, you don't give the person that loves you enough chance to love you enough
Dinah Shore

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Written about Sunday 2008-09-28
Written: (5018 days ago)

So I'll let you know
If you need, somewhere to go
I'll be listening when you call
And I'll be there if you fall off
If you need someone to believe in you,
I'll let you know I will.

The bightest bulb has burned out by Less Than Jake

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Written about Monday 2008-09-01
Written: (5046 days ago)

Ok it's official, I'm an idot..
I was stupid enough to get my system infected with a virus. Which sounds worse than it is, because it isn't a very harmful virus. It isn't "eating" my programs. It's just insanely annoying... And even more annoying is that I can't remove it for some dark reason. I even bought a new spyware program to get rid of the damn thing, but it isn't working. So now I'm waiting for the technical support.
Argh, this thing is keeping me busy for the last three days... Scanned my system a million times. Almost memorized the registry-keys where it's in... I hate it. The only reason I didn't throw my pc out of the window is that I need the stupid thing.

I'm going to play with my new pet now... A nice Trojan Horse... Can't wait till he dies.

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Written about Wednesday 2008-08-13
Written: (5064 days ago)

I'm not feeling like studying, so I stole this thing from [Teufelsweib]

Have you ever showered with someone?
Uhm, *tries to remember the last time* ages ago with my mom I guess xD

Do you still talk to the person you fell hardest for?

Last movie you saw in theaters, with who?
Sex and the city the movie, with Maaike. Never saw more women in a theatre at once.

What time is it?

Where are you right now?
In my room with my quantum books in front of me.

What are you doing right now?
Doing this thing and talking to my dad

Where do you think your best friend is right now?
I have no idea

Would you rather go to Tokyo or Paris?
Paris!! Paris is awesome.

Are you listening to music right now?
Yeah, Jimmy eat world! =)

Who else is in the room with you?
Not anymore

last 2 text messages you got?
My phone is downstairs xD And I'm too lazy to get it xD

In winter, would you rather wear jackets or hoodies?
when it rains a jacket. When it's not, I don't mind, what's closest to me at that moment xD

Do you wish you were somewhere else right now
Not really. I can think of cooler places to go, but it's ok for now

How long can you go without your mobile phone?
I can live without it, but it's usefull for my contact with the world xD

Ever kissed a blonde haired, blue eyed person?

Where did you last sleep other than your house?
In my tent in France.

Where were you last night?
At home studying (boooring)

If your ex said they hate you, you say?
I don't care

Do you like drama?
Sure, not in real life though, but in movies or something like that sure.

What was the last item you bought?
An air bed, but it's broken allready =/

Are you afraid of roller coasters?
No way, I was but after riding one 12 times in a row with my brother the fear went away xD

What would you do if your best friend told you they were moving?
"what's new?"

Are you taken?

At what age do you want to be married?
I should be married at 25 (or was it 26, don't remember) xD Don't ask

What should you be doing?

have you drifted from someone close lately?
Hmm, I don't think so

When was the last time you held someone's hand?
Uhm, Don't remember. Apparently a long time ago xD

Who can you tell everything to?
My best friend, and to my closest friends

Have you ever kissed anyone who's name started with a G?

What is the next concert you are going to?
Simple plan, I haven't got the tickets yet (and noone to go with xD)

Can you play guitar hero?
Never did it, but if [Teufelsweib] can do it, I can do it too xD

Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
Depents, I love the winter and the cold (but not the Dutch winters), but summer is also really nice =)

What are you listening to right now?
Jimmy eat world - Work

How old do you think you will be when you finally have kids?
Hell yeah (very hyperactive ones xD)

Would you rather watch football or baseball?

Who is your number 5 on your friends list?
I don't know

Is there someone on your mind that shouldn't be?
Hmmm... good one

Do you speak another language other than English?
Do I speak English?? xD I speak Dutch and a little bit German and a littler bit French

Damn, done. Back to my quantum chemisty... gmbl

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Written about Monday 2008-05-12
Written: (5158 days ago)

A conversation with someone from my study about a paper which we have to make together:

Løn zegt:
When should it be done?
Chreiz zegt:
When should it be done?

Hmm I think something somewhere went a little bit wrong xD

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Written about Monday 2008-04-14
Written: (5186 days ago)
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The big day got even better!!!

I passed the exam!!

I've got my drivers licence!!! ^^

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Written about Saturday 2008-04-12
Written: (5187 days ago)
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Monday is the big day!
I'm going to take the exam for my drivers licence *bounce*


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Written about Friday 2008-03-28
Written: (5203 days ago)

“There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart's desire. The other is to gain it.”
George Bernard Shaw

I don't know if this is true, but I think it gives you a reason to think about your life, and what you want to do with it.

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Written about Wednesday 2008-03-26
Written: (5204 days ago)

If it's very painful for you to criticize your friends - you're safe in doing it. But if you take the slightest pleasure in it, that's the time to hold your tongue.
Alice Duer Miller

The first part is definately true. I've no idea about the second part, and I hope I'll never find out.

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Written about Friday 2008-02-22
Written: (5237 days ago)


Waarom kunnen mensen niet gewoon duidelijk zijn!!
Hoe moeilijk is een antwoord als JA of NEE!!!!
Zonder misschien of als alles loopt zoals ik wil. Fuck dat!

Status: annoyed!!!

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Written about Sunday 2008-02-17
Written: (5242 days ago)
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Something, somewhere went terribly wrong xD

1) Next week allmost all my friends are going on some trip. Texel, somewhere else in Holland and to make it even worse ROME....
2) And the few who are staying at home have nothing to do.
3) I'm in school for 40 hours...

Hmmm, it's not fair...
But I'm really happy for my friends allthough I think I deserve it xD

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Written about Tuesday 2008-02-12
Written: (5247 days ago)

Woorden die op ons van toepassing zijn:

vasthoudend aan eigen wil of inzicht

te zeer overtuigd van eigen kennis of beleid

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Written about Thursday 2008-01-31
Written: (5260 days ago)

Yesterday I was at the beach with Amerins, Anita and Margo =) And today I'm going back with Nico to fly a kite =D. But there is one little problem it's a little bit stormy... Hmm maybe it's not the smartest plan ever =P. But we'll see if we live ;)
It's going to be fun =) *bounce bounce*

Proud to have no life at all xD

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Written about Sunday 2008-01-27
Written: (5263 days ago)

I'm looking for an Andre!!!
So if someone finds one tell me!! xD

ANDRELON!!! lmao

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Written about Wednesday 2008-01-23
Written: (5267 days ago)

Tomorrow, or actually in 10 hours, I've a test about inorganic chemistry (not that the subject matters, but anyways). And I've the strange feeling I'm going to screw it.. (Is that proper English??) But anyways, it will be a disaster...

*dies in advance*

I hope I'll have a moment of knowing everything without knowing I know. (do you still get it??)

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Written about Saturday 2008-01-19
Written: (5271 days ago)
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Who wants to buy this for me:

*angel face*

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Written about Saturday 2008-01-19
Written: (5271 days ago)

New year's eve, the present where past meets future

My mom said this and for some reason I thought of it just now...

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Written about Monday 2008-01-14
Written: (5276 days ago)
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Getting crazy!!!
I've my theoretical exam for my drivers licence tomorrow and it's really boring!!! I can't focus at all. Thinking about everything but the exam...
I'm going to make a million test-exams, until I drop dead or something like that...

Wish me luck for tomorrow!!

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Written about Tuesday 2008-01-08
Written: (5282 days ago)
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I need to tell you that I did the most useless thing you could do, besides memorizing the Periodic table.
I memorized the states of the USA... I know I have no life at all. =P

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Written about Tuesday 2008-01-08
Written: (5282 days ago)
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Written about Thursday 2008-01-03
Written: (5287 days ago)

I spend my whole day doing my math homework... And I made 3 problems..
Something somewhere goes terribly wrong...
But I'll be optimistic. I only have to do 6 chapters math, 6 chapters physics, 2 chapters inorganic chemistry and 3 chapters physical chemistry. And I've 4 days left to do all this...
Something somewhere went terribly wrong...
Maybe this is another moment to learn from. Work when you suppost to, because this isn't working.
And to be even more optimistic. In 3 or 4 weeks I've the exams of this subjects...
I think I'll lock myself away for a few weeks to do all the stuff I must do...
But the worst thing is that I had 2 weeks christmas break. In which I did lots of things and I still have the feeling that everything I still want to do has to wait till the next break which will be in April. If I pass all my exams, which I doubt because I don't understand it (atleast I don't understand my math..)

Allright that's enough complaining for today. I think I'm going to focus on the fact that I have the chance to go to university and enjoy it.

Happy new year to all, by the way!!!
Enjoy it!

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