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Written about Tuesday 2009-03-31
Written: (4834 days ago)

i have a job :)

thats all :) x

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Written about Sunday 2009-02-15
Written: (4878 days ago)

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Written about Tuesday 2009-02-03
Written: (4890 days ago)

snow!!!!!!!!!! my new found love, or is it re kindled love?

but no school :) and no one to share they day with :( its poo :(

hope it snows tomorrow and people come out :(

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Written about Friday 2009-01-16
Written: (4908 days ago)

Go to urbandictionary.com and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post the first definition it gives you.


Simply Perfect
Your mom's house is such a danny

2)Your age?

The age where an American can:
1. Legally buy pornography
2. Legally buy cigarettes
3. Legally gamble in Indian Casinos
4. Legally be concidered an adult
5. Be tried as an adult in a court of law
6. Be drafted for a war they don't believe in
... but still cannot buy alcohol.
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Joey: Wow! I turned 21! I'm going to buy vodka and gamble in a real casino!
Billy: ... damn country.

3)One of your friends?

To have forbidden sex. Normally with an intern or minor.
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4)What should you be doing?

something that doesn't really gain you any marks at all - teachers just enjoy laughing at you whilst you spend every waking hour frantically doing it, lose your sanity and then, inevitably, your hair.

solution: write copious ammounts of crap to punish the poor sod who has to mark it. mwah hah.
...I have chosen this hypothesis because it is now 3am and my brain has actually just given up, slipped out of my ear and run off with the cat.

5)Favorite color?

1) a communist
2) CCC tablet (Coricidin, OTC anti-tussive medicine)
1) "You reds!"
2) "He passed out on 48 reds (!)"


7)Birth month?

The most popular form of rain when getting married to a hot and sexy rockstar.
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8)Last person you talked to?

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9)One of your nicknames?

fonty 3 thumbs up love ithate it

another word for gay
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Written about Monday 2008-12-29
Written: (4926 days ago)

had an amazing christmas :) its a shame they only come round once a year, finally got a ds and clothes i actually like.

not looking forward going back to school.
so much work to :(

have nothing planned for new years, so i'll probably spend that at home.

danny x

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Written about Wednesday 2008-05-21
Written: (5148 days ago)

going on holiday tomorrow :]

don't know where,
as alex says a mystery holiday ^^ which should be fun :P

anyways, my passport ran out :( so off i toddled to liverpool to get a new one.got there and the weird woman said 'you'll have to wait 4 hours, comeback for it at 12.'
then my mouth dropped, i was upset :(

so off i went to the tate gallery ^^
got there , it doesnt open to 10 :(
so i look for food. sign says ' served from 8:30am - 3pm'
i go in annoying woman says 'sorry were not open till 11am'
WTF!? stupid woman

so i goes to satrbucks, grab a coffee and a toastie. start eating it, then it tasted shit and had onions in it :( i hate onions they taste foul :(

so i stoile thier newspaper :] gosh i'm hardcore.

so the tate opens :] i go in :]
the art was shit :( sorry to say but it was :( but there was like 3 pictures i liked.

end of pointless one person disscusion

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Written about Tuesday 2008-05-06
Written: (5163 days ago)


i own Gakuen Heaven :]

and i'm a dragon slayer :P

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Written about Thursday 2008-02-14
Written: (5245 days ago)

i hate valentines day

i bet it was invented just to make single people fell more like crap.

on a lighter note, i still don't have a job :(

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Written about Monday 2008-02-11
Written: (5248 days ago)

i feel like i've lost something, but i'm not sure what it is :P

anyhoo skins starts again tonight,

missed supernatural last night :(

its not good,

and i have shitloads of homework to do

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Written about Friday 2008-01-25
Written: (5265 days ago)
Next in thread: 1010410

wait oh yeah.

my singing teacher wants me to sing some crappy abba song


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Written about Friday 2008-01-25
Written: (5265 days ago)


first diary entry! EVER!

hrm well whats to say?

ah fiddlesticks :[

OMG! i found some old pictures of me.

very nasty :[

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