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Written about Friday 2004-04-23
Written: (6636 days ago)

Well Neils had his surgery today, and all i can say is that he is in sever pain. Im at home though and am doing a painting called pain from evil from the experiance, sadly Neil will be out of school for all the exams and will not be able to sit them :'( bugger!

Anyways, i didnt do much drawings today, and shockingly enough i didnt even go up onto my locker because of my blinking stiches make it impossible! Damn It,,, oh well at least im glad of what i did to help my friend.

Aimee however has been doing allot of vomiting recently, she never got into the fight obviously, but im pretty concerned for her,,, she says its was a tummy bug,,, but i think she may be pregnant and may be too scared to tell anyone,,, im going to try and talk to her on Monday if shes still sick.

Thant another strange thing that goes on, everyone comes to me for advice and support,,, like im some freaking agony aunt, man it gets on my nerves sometimes,,, but i guess that i do enjoy helping people.

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Written about Wednesday 2004-04-21
Written: (6638 days ago)

Today was a fair misery. Though with its advantages.

I had finally finnished my Graphics work and had nothing left to do. So i proceded towards the lockers and got to the top,,, were i was greeted by several members of the staff. They were usual to me being up there and it came as no surprise to them to see me up there again.

While i sat content along came a visitor who stared shocked at me, he was a new kid, who was lost and after a half hour of class had left he had still not found his destination. Obviously he had never seen me before, let alone a goth drawing ontop of the lockers!
I immediatly lept down next to him and asked him where he was ment to be, He mearly backed away scared and staring at my sleeves which trailed along the ground.
Eventually i managed to get a sentence from him his voiced trembled Science, and i led him to his class.

Once he had arrived, he asked the teacher who i was?
The Teachers reply was "Satans Gothic Child" which freaked the boy out while everyone else giggled uncontrolably at his joke.
I obviously wandered back into his class and the room hushed quiet. To stop the childs humiliation i spoke,,, a rare thing to the first years and said
     " This child is in my protection touch him
     and feel the pain of Satians Gothic Child"
There faces were stunned, as the boy sat down, i bid the teacher farewell and left. Hearing an "Oh crap!" as i walked back to my locker.

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