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Written about Sunday 2014-05-18
Written: (2961 days ago)
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booooored.... someone do a side page with me!

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Written about Saturday 2014-05-17
Written: (2961 days ago)

Just butchered my first rabbit... I threw up... twice. :P

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Written about Saturday 2014-05-17
Written: (2962 days ago)

Drunken game featuring Soul Caliber.... Perfect

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Written about Saturday 2014-05-17
Written: (2962 days ago)
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My turn to have a drunk night :3

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Written about Wednesday 2014-05-14
Written: (2964 days ago)
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That completely awesome moment when everyone is online and posting XD

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Written about Wednesday 2014-05-14
Written: (2965 days ago)

Playing GTAV online :) Anyone else play?

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Written about Saturday 2014-04-26
Written: (2982 days ago)

I'm starting to wonder if I have "Sucker" written across my forehead. I had 2 pit bull puppies abandoned in my yard a couple days ago. A supposed friend asked me to watch a couple of "child safe" and "animal friendly" pit puppies. I said yes like an idiot. What I got was two scared pups that apparently had never met a stranger. After the male went on a rampage where he actually tried to bite me she told me she doesn't want them and to have them put down! We had to get the vet out to sedate him and me, being an idiot, decided at the last moment not to have him put down and instead stuck him in a crate where I forced my company on him for 2 days. Now, he's great and all friendly now that he actually knows us but now we're stuck with two dogs that I really don't want or need and I can't find a home for them because they snap at every stranger they see. Oh and they're almost a year old, so yea, not tiny puppies trying to bite my ankles

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Written about Friday 2014-04-18
Written: (2990 days ago)
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I'm kinda worried about my younger sister... She decided to go out of town with a guy she just met a week or so ago. From what I understand she met him online. Kicker is none of her friends have met him and no one on the family. I talked to her earlier today when she was getting in the car with him and begged her to send me a picture just as a precaution. She promised she would. That was 6 hours ago, she hasn't answered my phone calls or texts sent and I'm really starting to freak out. I would like to think she's not that stupid but I'm seriously starting to doubt my faith in her judgment. She had told me her friends had met him, I just talked to them and was informed that they had never seen him and that they haven't gotten her either. Please let me just be paranoid.

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Written about Sunday 2014-04-13
Written: (2996 days ago)

Nvm Christina showed up and chased the bitch away hahahahah I love my bestie :3 And Tequila

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Written about Sunday 2014-04-13
Written: (2996 days ago)
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Ugh I hate women. My husband and I and his friend had an awesome night planned, bonfire, alcohol, hot dogs and marshmallows. Well this guy (that I basically don't know but apparently my husband does) shows up with his fiancee completely unannounced. And OMG if she calls my dog Snookums one more time I will push her into the fire. She is incredibly annoying and well just such a GIRL! Yes, I know I sound like a total bitch but I can't rant about this on fb :p Only girl I've managed to get along with for long is Christina and that's only because she's as bitchy/anti-social as me!

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Written about Monday 2014-04-07
Written: (3001 days ago)
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Its a weird day... My little bro and my nephews have trashed my living room and I have a baby sheep wearing diapers running around inside...

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Written about Saturday 2014-03-15
Written: (3024 days ago)

Another rant, feel free to disregard: Today my husband and I are supposed to be working on our house. We came here to work and had to bring our daughter, the first thing my husband does is get out the car walk over next door and pull out a cigarette while he talks to the friend that lives there. Ok that's fine, I take our daughter, Arya, there and tell him to watch her while I work so he can talk for a bit. 15 mins later I walk outside and she's sitting in the dirt chewing on a stick while he keeps talking with her back towards her! So I tell him to pay attention and he apologizes. I go back inside to continue cleaning. I come back outside and see her almost in the road and a car coming! I had to RUN to catch up and drag her back just in time and turn around to see him standing about 50 feet completely unaware. I BLEW UP! Told him to either join me inside or watch her but I'd be damned if he wasted another day like usual. 30 mins later I walk outside to find my daughter strapped into the stroller and placed in the front yard crying while he is INSIDE his damn friend's house about 300 yards away. Granted his dad was in the vicinity but still not at excuse. I LOST it AGAIN and matched over to that house and went inside and told him he better get his ass outside and I couldn't believe how he'd left his daughter. At this point is when he spoke up trying to say I was bringing up to separate instances. I'm just completely and utterly pissed with him right now, not to mention I almost lost my daughter

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Written about Tuesday 2014-03-11
Written: (3028 days ago)
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My mother-in-law, normally an awesome person and completely loved by me, is currently giving me a lecture on why I should raise my daughter in church and why I should also start attending. Somehow all of her reasoning make me very glad I am not going nor will I allow my daughter to be raised in such an environment. While my mother-in-law isn't as bad(she is one in a million), I refuse to raise my daughter in the hateful, bigoted and hypocritical environment that is a Southern Baptist Church. I will do my best to raise her with a healthy respect for ALL life and the world around her and I will hope that she follows a similar Path as my own, but I hope I never forget to respect her choices especially when it comes to Religion regardless if she becomes a Druid, like me, or a christian or even an Atheist. End of Rant :p

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Written about Thursday 2014-03-06
Written: (3034 days ago)

Sitting here doing researching on the effects that losing one's memory takes on a person's behavior and personality. :p

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Written about Monday 2014-03-03
Written: (3036 days ago)

Ugh I'm a bit irritated. I went to visit a neighbor last week and take a look at some livestock I wanted to buy. Well I told them I would think about it and came home. The next day my mother in law was taken to the emergency room. I told them not to hold the animals for me because I did not know if and when I would be able to get them. Well they insisted on holding them and kept telling me they would hold them until one day and then the day would come and once again I would tell them to go ahead and sell them because I didn't know when or if I could even get them and they would simply insist on holding them. Well today after finding some problems with one of our rental houses we're going to have to use the money to fix the house. Now the owner is accusing me of wasting his time and claiming I asked him to hold them for me. I'm just irritated because I have a good reputation in the animal community in my area and he is slandering my name and talking about how I purposely led them on. I have the msgs where I repeatedly stress that I have no clue when or if I'd even be able to get them and where I tell them over and over to sell the damn livestock to someone else. If I was able to get them before they were sold I wanted them but otherwise not to hold them for me. Am I in the wrong here? I thought I made things pretty damn clear

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Written about Sunday 2014-02-23
Written: (3045 days ago)

It seems this year has it out for my family. My husband is home and safe but now his mother has been rushed to the emergency room. She and I were sitting in the living room talking, she'd taken a pain pill for a kidney stone she had and then suddenly she started screaming hysterically in pain. My husband and I have notified the rest of the family are waiting for news. This woman is one of the best people I know, she is the best mother-in-law a person can ask for and I am praying that everything turns out alright. Sadly, she has only one kidney left due to a similar problem so everyone is just really worried right now.

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Written about Thursday 2014-02-13
Written: (3054 days ago)

So I have been staying in the hospital for the last few days. My husband had to have emergency surgery and we have been staying here for a week. I am going out of my mind with boredom and so is he! He's doing great! And we were supposed to go home yesterday but due to this snow storm we're having the doctor can't find a nurse willing to come to our house until after the snow clears which means we are probably not going home until Monday.... ugh!!!!!!!!

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Written about Saturday 2014-02-01
Written: (3067 days ago)
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Ok, just a rant because I can't post it on fb or tell anyone. Feel free to disregard. I am just getting really really sick of people bringing up God to me. I am not Christian, I don't usually have a problem with Christianity but I can't stand those fake ass southern Baptists!!!! I have people posting bible verses on my page and condemning my religion (I follow the Druid Path) and one man has gone so far as to tell me "Maybe now I will start going to church" and then spouted off some bible verse about false idols. Ugh. No offense to any REAL Christians out there but I am getting really sick of it. I am on the verge of snapping at the next person who tells me to I should pray to God.

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Written about Friday 2014-01-31
Written: (3067 days ago)
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Well we finally know what is wrong with Cody. He has a rare type of infection that is INSIDE his bone. He has been referred to a specialist and is likely going into surgery next week, apparently the infection is on the verge of leaking into the rest of his knee and that would be very very bad. So feel free to send healing thoughts his way, I know we'll get through this but I hate I can't do anything about his pain.

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Written about Thursday 2014-01-30
Written: (3069 days ago)

So what does this girl do when she's incredibly stressed out the night before her husband's MRI?? Apparently she goes on an online auction site and buys herself a mule.... Yea...

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Written about Monday 2014-01-27
Written: (3071 days ago)

Well. Cody's MRI has finally been scheduled for this Thursday. We'll finally find out if the growth is cancerous and if he's going to need surgery or not. We'll also get some final paperwork for his insurance. Keep your fingers crossed and send healing thoughts our way :)

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