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Written about Sunday 2007-12-02
Written: (5321 days ago)

I am now on deviant art -


add me please! I have few friends or comments. I'll be uploading new art their now. There is a few new bits.


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Written about Friday 2007-09-07
Written: (5407 days ago)

RAGE! I have done such a good drawing on A3 paper but i can't scan it in! ITS TOO BIG! AAAAAAARG! And its in pencil so if i took a camera photo it wouldn't look that good. Might scan in a small bit of it so you can see the faces.


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Written about Tuesday 2007-06-05
Written: (5500 days ago)
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Written about Tuesday 2007-05-15
Written: (5522 days ago)

Softly we tremble tonight,
picture perfect fading smiles are all that's left in sight,
I said I'd never leave you'll never change
I'm not satisfied with where I'm at in life.

Am I supposed to be happy?
With all I ever wanted, it comes with a price.
Am I supposed to be happy?
With all I ever wanted, it comes with a price.
You said, you said that you would die for me...

We made plans to grow old,
believe me there was truth in all those stories that I told.
Lost in a simple game cat and mouse are we the same people as before this came to light?

Am I supposed to be happy?
with all I ever wanted, it comes with a price.
Am I supposed to be happy?
with all I ever wanted, it comes with a price.
You said, you said that you would die for me...

You must live for me too...
For me too...
You said that you would die for me...

Am I supposed to be happy?
with all I ever wanted, it comes with a price.
Am I supposed to be happy?
with all I ever wanted, it comes with a price
You said, you said that you would die for me...

You said that you would die for me
You said that you would die for me
You said that you would die for me

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Written about Monday 2007-05-14
Written: (5523 days ago)


Check me out! There was a picture with it, i have yet to see it though.

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Written about Monday 2007-04-09
Written: (5558 days ago)
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<img:http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/stuff/SFAB.jpg> <img:http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/stuff/SunnyFA.gif>

[Sunrose] Featured me!

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Written about Friday 2007-02-16
Written: (5610 days ago)
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Written about Saturday 2007-01-20
Written: (5636 days ago)
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Do you know me at all?

Just interested. Send your answers on a postcard (or in a message lolz) and i'll send you a score back. Highest score wins a special prize ;b

1. What is my full name (including middle name)

2. What is my nick-name?

3. What 3 subjects do i study at college?

4. What do i do on sundays?

5. When is my birthday?

6. What is my msn adress?

7. What is my favourite food style (as in country - indian, italian etc.)?

8. Who am i going to see in May?

9. Who do i have a crush on?

10. What are my first and second favourite animals?

11. What is my favourite piece of jewelry?

12. Who is my favourite anime character?

13. What is the name of the only set of games i have completed on the PS2?

14. Where do i work?

15. What did i dress up as for the xmas do 2006?

Hope i get some replies back from this XD Remember, special prize!


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Written about Thursday 2006-12-21
Written: (5667 days ago)

OMG! When did i get so bad with money! I'm such an idiot. I'll need to save from now on, no more spending...apart from saturday night :b


Edit 2 - Nothing has happened to it *hits head*

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Written about Monday 2006-11-27
Written: (5690 days ago)

OMG! WOOT! Conditional offer from York uni! NO INTERVIEW NEEDED! *does a dance*

Gah, my Mum's being all emotional again because my auntie got really drunk at the winter ball and ended up fighting. I don't really get my mum sometimes. My sister seems to though, so i'll just shut my mouth and hope i don't upset anyone.

On the plus side, i'm back to being normal happy me. I'm doing well on the xmas front. Many cards are done, some presents are bought/planned and i'm finally over my knobcheese of an ex boyfriend.

I had a really good day in Manchester on Saturday with James and Aaron. Much fun was had and we were in Chinese tourist mode for most of it.

I've done most of the homework for this week. I've just got a few tests to study for and i'm set for an easy week. Party season starts soon. Got one on Saturday, one next wednesday and then on the 13th. *is a wild partay animal)

Anyways i've gotta get ready to go to Hazels


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Written about Monday 2006-11-06
Written: (5712 days ago)

Ever get the feeling where you want to be someone else or you wonder what would have happened if you made a different decision in the past that could have changed your life a lot? Well i've got that, i've had it for the past 3 or so days and its annoying. On my left hand i can list all the things that i like about the life i have now, but then on my right i can count all the things that i want and could have had if i hadn't chosen the option i did.

Makes you wonder...hmmmm.

Anyways, bonfire night was good. There was 3rd place *woot* there was the (oooooooo i've just been invited to another 18th birthday party!) big wheel, there as the fireworks and the mini beach bonfire, there was singing and there was sparklers. Perfect! I think Mike had a good time as he got a free t-shirt and a high score on the singing majigger.

This week i have, Soil presentation today, tomorrow is FMA, wednesday salsa or BLA concert, not decided yet. Probably going to be salsa though as me and Alex have made up a new move that we have to show everyone. Thursday is nothing (maybe cinema with Hazel?), Friday is maybe seeing Zak or something, Saturday is work, Sunday is Work...Woot, funtimes >.<

Oh, the first thing Ste said to me this morning is that i was hideous in the year book. Which really set me up for the day. I know that picture is horrible and i was a very ugly high school student, i don't need people to remeind me!

Gah! I'm so tired, i had little/no sleep this weekend. And my Mum is being all emotional again because my Dad's friends said something wrong. It seems that my mum doesn't like any of my dad's friends, so my dad now has no friends. Its so sad. I'm sure if my dad had a problem with any of my mum's friends she wouldn't give a shit. This happened befre, and they're always such nice people.

The bathroom is getting re-decorated today. They turned of the water this morning so i had to brush my teeth with lukke-warm excess water from the kettle...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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Written about Monday 2006-10-16
Written: (5732 days ago)

I think i'm going to cry. Alex just told me about a kitten that has been abandoned and run over. He's now blind and has no home. I could have him...but my parents probably will say no. I would have to give him to someone to look after while i was at Uni. I would pay for everything, food, bed, bowls, litter just to have him and make sure he's ok. It makes me SICK how people do this to poor little creatures. Makes me feel like throwing them out onto a road and damaging them. I hate them all. At the shelter, every week cats and kittens come in from being abandoned or found on dumps or in rubbish bins, sick and thin. But stil they'll meow at you sit on you and play. How can they still have faith in anything? I want to take them all home. I would seriously KILL anyone if i knew they were doing something like that to any animal. Now i can;t stop thinking about him, maybe if i just bring him home and keep him in my room they won't notice...

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Written about Thursday 2006-10-05
Written: (5744 days ago)
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GO ME! 4th time lucky. The system works! If you don't tell anyone, you pass!

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Written about Friday 2006-09-29
Written: (5750 days ago)



I went to see Dead Or Alive with Zak last night. My GOD it was a cheesefest! It was simply girls fighting in bikinis and underwear! Holly Valance was fighting while putting on underwear, then proceeded to run about the hotel in said underwear XD

Going to see Zak again tonight. And its the conference this afternoon which i'm really looking forward to.

Now...just to wait *sits and waits for conference/night out/bag*


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Written about Sunday 2006-09-24
Written: (5754 days ago)

Well this weekend's been quite good after an absolute SHITE week. Last night, i had the BEST time with Jess, Nikki, Claire and Vicky! It's been sooooo long since i've been to a sleepover with more than 1 girl >.< I love Jess's dog, not Jess, even though she thought i said she was gorgeous XD

We watched the grudge, at least Nikki, Claire and Jess did. Me and Vicky spent much time studying the backs of pillows. Apart from the 2 bits where i decided to sneak a peak, i nearly pooped my pants! We had to be escorted round the dark house after that.

Then we went to Twisted. We met 2 new peoples. They were soooooooo nice. I talked to Zak for ages and then Kai bought stuff off me. Me and Hazel are going to a concert at Lowther on Friday with them. I can't wait to see them again, they were soo much fun! I got a new dragon, i named him Lyme-San I'll post pictures soon. I'm using him as a jewelry holder, so he can horde my tresures!

Its back to school tomorrow, i'm going back a new person i think...at least i hope i am. I have enough people to slap me if i start to revert back to the way i was XD


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Written about Thursday 2006-09-14
Written: (5765 days ago)

What an awsome awsome night it was last night! I thought i couldn't top Wednesday nights, but it turns out that they're the one day a week that i'll have the pick of 3 things to do (when Hazel goes back to Uni). I'll be alternating weeks where i go to salsa then Twisted, i'll go to salsa when they do the board game nights. I forgot how much fun tournaments are with Hazel, and i also forgot how much i love the people who go to them.

The first half was a bit blurred due to a sugar high...ahhh Lucozade, how i love thee. Then we went to the peir to go on some rides, they were lots of fun but i got a massive knot in my shoulder. I spent faaaaaaaar too much money but i'm quite rich at the moment, i deserved to treat myself. I got a new pair of gloves as well ^.^

Tomorrow it's Claire's party. I sure hope it doesn't rain >.< Then Alex's new dog is coming so i'll spend as much time at his house as i can. Then next weekend I got Sunday off so i can go to the tournament at Twisted (it's a total one off guys, i probably will struggle a lot with money because of it but i love you all so i'll make sacrifices.)

I played dodgeball at school today, and in true ranger fashion, i took it upon myself to turn it into a game of Risemball! I cosplayed, and shouted Red Dawn, and i was singing Vic in my head while i was doing it. I have pictures, i might put them up later.

OOOH! I got my badge and Metafiction. It RAWKS! SOOOOO MUCH! I love the song 'Far Away From Home' it pwns! *sorry Hazel, it needed to be said*

Anyways, i need to start doing some work in my frees >.<


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Written about Monday 2006-09-04
Written: (5775 days ago)
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Well i think the only thing i'm going to learn from my work experience is that i NEVER want to teach...anything, or work with kids of any form, in any way.

I got there, was ignored by the headteacher for 30 mins, taken to a class, told to take down a display. I did that and then i had to sit through an hour of assembly...it was so boring, i contemplated chewing my own arm off.

Then i spent the next 2 hours taking down every other display in the hall with only a sharp pointy thing and a pair of tweasers. Then it was lunch, then i spent the afternoon listening to a class of 31 kids telling me what they did for the summer...thrilling. And one kid asked me of i was married XD

I finally got out and went to catch the bus. I had to sit on it with a load of kids and their overweight mums but it was only a 10 min bus ride and thnen a 10 min walk right? WRONG! I paid £1.30 to be taken 2 stops, then the bus broke down, leaving me to walk in some very inaproriate shoes. It took me 45 mins.

I have a headache! And Steve Irwin has died! gutted, i really liked him, poor guy, i feel sorry for his familly more than anything.

Now i'm going to die before tea


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Written about Saturday 2006-09-02
Written: (5777 days ago)
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Watched the Saiyuki movie yesterday and was sadly unimpressed by the casting of Vic. He shouldn't have played Kougaiji, it was just wrong, he should have played Goku if anything, even though Goku's voice actor was the best out of the lot.

Got my new test appointment letter today, my 4th one, its kind of depressing. I wanted to go shopping today, but its raining, and the idea of spending my hard earned money is not feeling very good.

I have work tonight as well...woop de do, and work tomorrow. Its kidnd of sad that i work my ass off and it all goes on driving, i never see any of that money for more than a day.

Playing Disgaea, its really basic, but it's amazing, the basic ones are usually the best though. I'm trying to figure out how the item world works, and seen as i used my escape last night after i realised it was 1.30 and i was only on the 5th level...i think. Anyways...yeah.


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Written about Thursday 2006-08-31
Written: (5779 days ago)
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And for the third time!!! I have failed my driving test! Noone's going to know when my next one is untill i've passed/failed it because i've heard that if you don't tell people, you pass. I'm gonna have to pass it!!!

I've got my other one, i'll have to pay for it. I owe my dad £50, and i thought i was going to be able to buy some stuff for going back to school on saturday >.< I SUCK!

I failed because he asked me to go left, i indicated left and...went right. But we were at traffic lights and we had stopped so i had time to forget. The tester was really smelly as well, to top it all off. Gah, work tonight, then Hazel's tomorrow.

Salsa was good last night, me an Alex made up a lot of moves, one ended up with him holding me off the ground, behind his back by my leg and arm XD, another we dubed the congclix! Yeah, then we watched Kung Fu Hustle...it was odd, i didn't like it much. Then we attempted sleep, or i did, in between the dog snoring, Alex snoring and the heavy rain on the conservatory roof.


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Written about Wednesday 2006-08-30
Written: (5780 days ago)

HAHA! All you who didn't want to see Snakes on a Plane missed a darn good film. Best one i've seen in ages actually. You should all go, its fun tastic, pythons have teeth! And they make snakes bite every imaginable body part...that right EVERY body part. Hehe, i really liked it, it was worth it.

Homework is now 75% done, i just have 1 ICT paper to do which i can do tomorrow and friday. Today i have to take a bath, maybe start homework, straghten hair, pack sleeping over stuff, tell Mum i'm sleeping over and go to salsa. OO maybe i should fit some driving in there as well as my test is-HOLY CRAP! It's tomorrow!

Anyways, i'm off now. I might draw something...


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