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Written about Sunday 2004-03-28
Written: (6663 days ago)

Lived Forever...

slit your wrists
with hope to die
no need to tell me
how often you cry
time is unbearable
I breathe in your pain
watching you hurts me
you know I feel the same
this world disgusts me
no reason to live
you only see the hate
how can you forgive
do you remember
how hard we tried
we lived forever
but than you died.


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Written about Wednesday 2004-02-25
Written: (6695 days ago)

When We Kissed…

I’ll just pretend,
You don’t exist.
We never hugged-
We never kissed.
When I wake,
And your not here,
I won’t be worried
I won’t shed a tear.
Because all you were,
Was a dream.
I don’t know you-
You were nothing.
Tomorrow will be better,
With you not around.
I will smile.
No reason to frown.
Though, part of me is empty.
No beating in my heart.
I’ll be walking aimlessly-
Not knowing we’re apart.
My smiles are weak-
My laughter is lifeless-
I feel so empty.
I life seems pointless.
My days go by quickly,
With nothing to do.
I grow angry with myself,
For erasing you.
Time goes by slowly-
When you exist.
When we hugged-
And when we kissed.

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