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Man is mortal, and doomed to
death and failure and loss.
This lies beyond our comprehension,
why do you not despair?

-Spirit of the Daedra
(Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind)

Alver, Elves, Xindhi, whatever you call them, they have been prominent in human beliefs since there were humans to believe in anything. But the relationship between the Elves and the Fairies has always been an obscure and confusing matter. This is mostly because even the Elves and Fairies themselves aren't quite sure about what their relationship is.

Elves are a type of fairy, and exist in an indefined middle space between the nobles and the commoners. They are the Heralds of the Nobles, they organize the affairs in the mortal realms (as much as fairies organize anything at all), they speak on behalf of the Lords and Ladies and in general rule the mortal holdings in the name of Faƫrie.

But even though they may technically be subservient to the Houses, the nobles, they are less bound to the houses than any other type of fairy. They feel a closer kinship with other elves than with their own house, and the elves wiew themselves as the equals to the noble Sidhe, though the Sidhe disagree. The Alver prefer to live in the mortal lands, and because of this the Sidhe see them as inferior.

The Alver are not a close-knit organization by any means, but they have their own realm, Alfheim, which is ruled by no Sidhe House. All Elves can seek refuge there, and they often feel that Alfheim is more like their home than their House has ever been. This means that they are an unpredictable political force, for they have no strong obligation to anyone save the Queen, and even if the Sidhe restrict their political power the sheer number of them, and their special position in society make the Sidhe nervous.

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