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All updates to characters will happen here now.

Welcome to my Anthro Pirate Gallery. This gallery is dedicated to my series of anthros, obviously in the roles of pirates, and they are all female. ^_^ Many of the anthros here are fairly "endowed" and I know this. That's mostly for comical effect though. But some are more normal (my failed attempt to even things out X3). Most of the gallery will consist of character sketches that aren't colored, though I plan on coloring each one.


Anthro Pirate Inspiration

Some people would consider this series to be an Adult oriented series, though there is no nudity. All parts that need to be covered are covered. If you're too young to be viewing this sort of material then accept the fact that I will not be held accountable for anything you view after you click either of the links below, because that is your choice and yours alone. Well. Enough of this technical garb. On to the gallery. ^_^

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