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Dreams from the past
"Lucifer, set me down" Akari shrieked as he held her over his shoulder, his wings holding her to his back, her rear up in the air as he lightly smacked it. "Lucifer" She whined and he dropped them both off of the cloud, allowing them to plumet to earth, where they could spend a few forbidded moments together. Sevotharte and Metatron did not allow love between angels, and Her and Lucifer couldnt help but steal a few moments away from it all.

"Ahh" She screamed, she couldnt see, only feel their descent before he let his huge wings beat powerfully, and then gracefully dove under an Amazonian waterfall. The water warm and unbelieveably clear, of course her tight white dress would be see through after this, but she didnt care. She came up with a sputter, only to have Lucifer wrap his arms around her.

"Scare ya" He asked, his deep black eyes staring straight into her blue grey ones.

"In your dreams angel" She said and kissed him. Her wings folded then disappeared into her body as his did the same, her hands laced through his hair bringing him closer. Her tongue battled with his, until he won, and she moaned in his mouth, his hands swirled in small drugging circles on her back.

"Something wrong" HE asked as he pulled out, Lillith was beautiful ,passionate, his, well only on earth was she his.

"I only wish we didnt have to sneak away" She whispered and he touched his forehead to hers.

"We wont soon, soon Lillith" He whispered.

"Lucifer" She yelled down the hallway, the rumors could not be true could they, sure she was leaving heaven soon, but he was going too?

"Lillith" He said and swept her into his arms. Her wings had been plucked, and blood spurted from his wounds. Black wings were growing on each of them, and a tattoo adorned his right eye. "I'm sorry"

"No, now we can be together" She whispered as they were sent to the fiery pits of Gehenna.

"Lillith, your left" Lucifer yelled over the rukus of clanging swords, and magik. Lillith was holding her own, but a wound to a spot high on her thigh had him worried. They were battling Heaven, trying to regain power, and she twirled and allowed her darkness to consume the angl in front of her.

While watching her, he went down.

"What do you mean your leaving me?" Lillith asked as Lucifer laughed, and motioned to the blonde behind him.

"THis Lillith, is my wife, Persephone, and she is the reason I rule all seven levels of Gehenna"

"But I thought you"

"Thought I what? Loved you?" he asked, sure he was bluffing it, but he needed to protect her, with him with this brat she could ascend back into heaven, in fact a chariot was already waiting for her.

"But, but" She began, a few tears escaped her eyes

"But nothing, now move your sorry ass away from my husband" Persephone said, her voice whiny and high pitched.

"Fine, but hear this Lucifer, I shall curse you for all eternity" She said and fled before the wall around her emotions broke, and flowed out.

Finally her revenge against the bitch from hell. Lillith held her enchanted sword and formed a spell in her mind. "Light and dark, ebony and ivory, I warned you once that my love was worth it all, and since you cast me away, you shall be reincarnated only to die by my hands. You shall not ever love me" She said and power flowed over the whole area of Gehenna, until he came out, a towel draped over his golden hips and she gulped. Those belonged to her.

"I told you not to come here, I am quite happy with Persephy" He said but summoned his seven bladed sword all the same.

"You are to die as by charged by god" She said and laughed, her powers cackling in the night. SHe lunged and nearly castrated him.

His sword plunged in between her ribs as he blocked her, and the color drained from his face.

"You Lillith are now cursed to reincarnate, enjoy your fate"

"hh" Akari woke up with a start, she sat up quickly and listened to teh sounds of her ragged, frightened breathing. Sunlight barely poured in through dark blue silk, canoping her maple bed. Pulling the cord and whispering a spell, she searched her suite, finding nothing besides her companion. A small red dragon who when changedinto a normal form, became either a stuffed animal or a great grey wolf. The dragon had always followed Lillith, and now followed whoever her reincarnation was.

"Hey Lana" She whispered and scratched beneath its small chin and it nuzzled her wrist. Since the spell did all the searching, she had remained in the bed, and grabbed her glasses. Blue grey eyes showed through them, and if anyone kncoked this morning she would have to put her contacts in, lest be recognized for who she really was. Her contacts were a perfect, normal brown, her eyes were rings of blue and grey.

"If I had mroe money honey would you love me love me love me" Something began blaring and I jumped, flailing and screaming, as I fell from my bed. Landing hard on my backside, I lay there for a few more seconds before getting up, relizing it was my phone.
"I've made mistakes, *CLICK"


"You sound asleep" A voice I recognized said from my cell phone.


"Okay, Okay, jeeze, pull that stick out of your arse, we miss you back here"

"I know I miss you guys too" *DING DONG* great there went the doorbell. "PEnny what time is it?"

"Ohh about eleven" she said as I walked down the hall from my bedroom, then through my green blue living room. I picked up my remote and turned on my stereo along the way, whichstarted one of my favorites, well I hope it was since it was my ringtone. "As I'm staring through this fire..."


"What didjya have stuff planned"

"No, but I forgot to get to the gym this morning, or at least work a few defensive motives. *DING DONG DING DONG*

"Girl you seriously need to get a quieter doorbell" Penny said and laughed as I opened the door to see, of course, my boss.

"Hey Penny, I will have to call you back" I told her and before she could protest, which I know she would, I hung up and set my phone on silent. Some guys just shouldnt wear jeans, armani, or in his case any pants at all. Yummy.

"I came to apologize" He said and held out a bouquet of white roses with red tips. The red up top looked like blood, blood, now that brought her back into reality.

"Not needed, sir" She said but he entered the apartment suite anyways, walking into her livingroom. "I just needed to see you" he finally said as she placed the roses in a vase out of the glass armoire she had collected long ago.

"Well, there is no need to apologize for last night, actually I am the one to blame for that" I said and sat down on my couch with a plop before realizing that I was still in a pair of skimpy boxers and a black tank top. So I crossed my arms over my chest, and before I knew it he was leaning over me.

"No need, seeing you in this makes it worth it. You shouldn't wear colored contacts though, your eyes are crystal clear" He said and I gulped, I had forgotten that I was wearign my Channel glasses, and I hadnt put my contacts in. Dammit. His arms boxed me in in the chair, his breath barely brushing my cheek.

"Dont look down, but close your eyes if you wish" He said and before it registered he was kissing me. Full tongue, full fiery passion, everything, and I moaned in his mouth, alllowing him more access to kiss me. Thank the gods I was sitting, or I would have fallen by the intensity of it.

Oh god oh god oh god, not again I thought before I braced my hands against his chest,, damn so hard, and pushed. He softly whimpered but pulled out of the kiss and away from me.

seconds ticked by with no one making a sound.

As I'm staring through this fire its to late to make you mine my phone rang again, whoever it was this time was seriously loved as I slid it opened and pushed send.

"KKKKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" The voice on the other end yelled. Damn never mind the seriously loved part.

"What do you want David" I asked in annoyance before Kira grabbed my phone and slid it shut, then tossed it onto the couch.

"Hey, I am the more important one right now, Lillith" He said, evil sparkling in his eyes and I gulped, how did he, only Lucifer would, wait, the glamour.

"Step away Lucifer" I growled and jumped up into a back flip off the couch into a standing position.

"And you called me careless, you havent even truely hid our power all that well lillith. So lets settle this, because I am not going to be the one to die this time" He said and a sword sppeared inhis hands.

"No see, every time you die, I die too. Do you really want to kill us both?" I asked, please work, damn there has got to be a way out of this because the powers werent all back in both of us.

"lillith, shut up" He said and lunged cutting through the couch and it was the good leather one too.

"Lucifer" I whined as I summoned my Eris and Selene. The dagger elongated into a sword.

"The last time you whined like that I ran you through"

"Actually it was when i was trying to see what was so special about Persephy" I said and blocked him, but stumbled back and crashed into the china cabinet.

"Maybe if you were actually seeing you would have saw that I hated that bitch" He said and the sword caught my thigh and I screamed. Damn he must have dipped the sword in poison.

"Okay, then why the hell was I sent back to perpetual hell?" I asked and cut his shoulder, in reality I was aiming for his heart. Could he move slower please, I was still half asleep.

"To save you from being stuck in hell for the rest of eternity. " he said and it sounded kinda sweet, but then again he married and had sex with the bitchtress of spring.

"and did you really think I would like that?"

"At the time yes" He said and I blocked another blow, soon if this wound didnt stop bleeding I would black out.

"Think again buster" I said and combined power plus sword, my Eris turning a purplish black as I focused my power. "Dark Thunder" I yelled and the ball of energy went towards him only to be blocked by an invisible shield.

"You cant defeat me Lillith" He said as she fell to her knee's, the blood loss too much. His sword rested on her neck.

"Do it then, I would rather die than have to see you for more than an hour" I spit out in disgust. The blow would come any minute now as he removed the sword.I closed my eyes, tears cascaded down my cheek, and I heard him fall to his knees in front of me, and wipe away the tears.

"Would you rather die than admit that you still love me as much as I love you?" He said softly as his thumb brushed away the tears and I opened my eyes to see his black ones. "Would you?"

"Lucifer" I siad softly and he pulled me into his body, my face into the crook of his shoulder. His arms crossed around my back.

"Listen to me, that day I betrayed you hurt more than when you came and plunged your sword through me the first time. Killing you hurt, hell even sleeping in the same hall as Persephone hurt like hell, the woman was as cold as ice. Not hot and firey, with a wicked temper like you." He said and thunder boomed outside as I stood up and grabbed his hand.

"Come on" I whispered and he got up and walked into the tiny, cold bedroom with me.

"lillith" He whispered and I held his face between my hands.

"Hush" I said softly as his hands covered mine and I pulled him down. "I wanted you so badly, an ache I could not heal so killing seemed like the only thing to do. If I couldnt have you, no one could" I said and he pressed his forehead to mine, our noses touching.

"I understand" He whispered and kissed me, deep, passionate, but gentle. Gentle, huh, Lucifer was never gentle

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2009-09-16 [~Spirit Fox~]: XDDDDDDDd hey Caita's character is also names Lilith! *I'd forgoten about her, she somewhat annoys me, but her outfit's still cool. ^.^*

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