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[stuffAEAmade] Art!

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This page serves to collect, showcase, and keep track of the art I post on Elftown. If you want to know more about a particular piece, feel free to ask via the comments or messages. =3

I use H2 pencils, Sakura Microns, Prismacolor markers, Photoshop Elements, and Paint Shop Pro to create most of my art.
When I sketch digitally, I use Open Canvas 1.1

My art is not free-to-use clip art!
If you are interested in graphics made by me that you CAN use,
check the wikis Hello! Stickers and Elftown Graphics DarKlawStudios.

<img100*0:stuff/darwallpaper.jpg> Wallpaper, feel free to use on your desktop! :D
Rez is 1024x768

For all art relating to my new webcomic, see Pilgrim_Comic!


<img0*200:img/drawing/22011_1236309529.jpg> <img0*200:img/drawing/22011_1233287090.jpg>


<img0*200:img/drawing/22011_1224510268.jpg> <img0*200:img/drawing/22011_1221365591.jpg> <img0*200:img/drawing/22011_1206931307.jpg> <img0*200:img/drawing/22011_1205378560.jpg>


See also Dar 30 Days and DarKlaw Portfolio for additional pictures!

<img0*100:stuff/dargaiaavi.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/daraddycolor.jpg> <img0*100:img/drawing/22011_1179418294.jpg> <img0*100:img/drawing/22011_1178508383.jpg> <img0*100:img/drawing/22011_1175476993.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/darevemotion.jpg> <img0*100:img/drawing/22011_1174265355.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/dareveexpression.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/darfredeyes.jpg> <img0*100:img/drawing/22011_1173148858.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/darevemecha.jpg> <img0*100:img/drawing/22011_1171763469.jpg> <img0*100:img/drawing/22011_1170609803.jpg> <img0*100:img/drawing/22011_1170483413.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/darvalentine2007.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/dartonercon.jpg> <img0*100:img/drawing/22011_1169436276.jpg> <img0*100:img/drawing/22011_1168480965.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/darevereflection.jpg>

Best of 2006

<img0*100:stuff/darhugpainting.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/darevemessage.jpg> <img0*100:img/drawing/22011_1162503139.jpg> <img0*100:img/drawing/22011_1156988662.jpg> <img0*100:stuff/darchainmail.jpg>

Some older things I still like =3

<img0*100:img/drawing/22011_1137017389.jpg> <img0*100:img/drawing/22011_1130294261.jpg> <img0*100:img/drawing/22011_1101095756.jpg> <img0*100:img/drawing/22011_1098835692.jpg> <img0*100:img/drawing/22011_1097806177.jpg>

Avatar Lovers banner. :DDD

DarKlawStudios Art 2 - older art
DarKlawStudios Photos - has not been updated recently
DarK Arrow: DarKlawStudios - my neglected trials
dar kh2 - Kingdom Hearts gag comics (sporadic updates)

My webcomic. Astral Gate / AstralGate
(this version is dead, but I will return to the story later)

Additional galleries/sites are located at

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2007-01-11 [stuffAEAmade]: Nope. Sorry, my art stays on my pages.

2007-01-15 [Titanium Tiger]: I meant as like a wallpaper like oyur other one!! not to forge as my own!!

2007-01-21 [stuffAEAmade]: If you want to set it as your computer's desktop background, that fine.

2007-01-21 [Titanium Tiger]: ok thats kewl!! thanx!!^^

2007-02-26 [Galatea]: Absolutely awesome artwork!!

2007-02-26 [stuffAEAmade]: Thank you =3

2007-02-26 [Titanium Tiger]: ^^

2007-03-02 [Kitten Hurts]: wow thats awsome work.......

2007-03-02 [stuffAEAmade]: Thanks :)

2007-03-02 [Kitten Hurts]: your welcome

2007-03-15 [eyes of frost]: Hey, Dar, that new one is kinda creeping me out. O_o

2007-03-15 [stuffAEAmade]: :O Clocksie-poo is creepy, because his thought processes are fucking warped. 'S what happens when you hang around with Ambition and teh Dark Lady. :3

I call it "A Craaaaazy Kind of Peace"

2007-03-15 [eyes of frost]: O_o...creepy.

Anywho. Bcuase of Monkey King Spike on gaia, the auction has been put on hold. He has not answered me or anything. I might have to find a replacement for him.

2007-03-16 [stuffAEAmade]: =3 You know he's badass too, because he has a pet name.

That stinks. ...It also gives me a bit of time to be less busy. ^^'

2007-03-20 [Kitten Hurts]: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm when is anyone not busy?

2007-03-20 [stuffAEAmade]: When they aren't repainting their bedrooms?

2007-03-20 [Kitten Hurts]: hehehe lol thats a bad idea for some to do

2007-04-02 [stuffAEAmade]: Eh, ya get sick of one color after a few years.

2007-04-02 [Kitten Hurts]: yeah true but in my sisters case it was a bad idea they painted it then tried to put everything back which didn't work

2008-02-27 [stuffAEAmade]: Minor wiki-editing. :)

2008-10-20 [stuffAEAmade]: 6 months without an update, ouch. >.>

more recent and regularly updating stuff to be found in pilgrim_comic :3

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