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2006-09-17 23:24:07
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Desktop Backgrounds

A [Stratakus] Production

I have been cleaning up my old photos lately and got to playing around with a bunch of them. Some of them are simply inhancing the colors, inverting, or adding some illumination. All really easy stuff. The point to it all isn't to show off any "Artistic" talent. I took all the photographs myself, so there could be some art in that, but really, I just think they look cool and wanted to share the joy.

Dark World


1) Dark City = In the heart of Toronto
2) Dark Lake = Actually, it's the Saint John River in New Brunswick
3) Blood in the Water = The water by the boat docks in the SJ River
4) Dark Shore - River Grass
5) Dark Forest - The Odell Park Nature Trail

Violet Night


1) Violet Enchanted Trail - Nackawic Nature Trail
2) Potato House - Old Foundation in the Nackawic Nature Trail
3) Potato House Flashlight - Variant Version of Potato House
4) Dark Cove - The view from the porch of my dads cabin
5) Violet Dark Rainbows - It may look like 2 Rainbows, but there are 4 in this image. 3 are stacked on eachother. It was amazing.



1) Nature Reclaims = Kids Swing Chains
2) End of the Road = The old highway leading into the old town that was flooded when the dam was built.
3) Raspberries - From a box at the store
4) Berry - Blackberry ripening on the Nature Trail.
5) Blue Clouds - After taking off from Toronto



1) Damp Cavern = [sadrx]'s mouth turned Upside Down... (He took this himself)

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2006-09-18 [sevengem]: Very nice! I wasn't aware that you had such an eye for photography and digital art.

2006-09-18 [Stratakus]: Most of it is done in Microsoft Photo Editor with the "Negative" button

2007-04-12 [Silver Moon]: i like them

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