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They're sleeping beneath the roses;
Oh! kiss them before they rise,
And tickle their tiny noses,
And sprinkle the dew on their eyes.
Make haste, make haste;
The faires are caught;
Make haste.

William Cory - Catching Fairies

(OK, this might not actually be a real-world belief, but I'll add it just the same. Artistic license and all...)

The Dragonling is a type of sprite or minor fae that can be found in most parts of faërie. They are curious creatures, easily attracted to shiny things and interesting sounds. Like voices, arguments, battles, music, and just about anything that's currently happening in faërie. They're not all that bright.

They look like small dragon-headed butterflies, or winged snakes with draconic heads. It's hard to describe, but their wings have the most colorful and intricate patterns you can imagine. But why describe it, when there's a handy image? You know, the one at the top of our front page? That's the one.

Actually, while we're on the subject of that particular dragonling, it should be noted that he has a name. You see, he's possibly the brightest dragonling in existence, and that isn't always a good thing. His name is Qimi, and he has a nasty habit of witnessing all the sensitive affairs of the nobles...Not to mention his perverse joy in chaos and uproar, which can really cause problems sometims.

Dragonlings usually have little in the way of magical power, and can barely manage a few weak illusions, like glittering motes and fairy lights. Some can create twinkly music in their presence, while some can go invisible for short lengths of time. Nobles have been known to keep dragonlings as pets from time to time, but they're usually considered too common for the loftier sidhe to associate with.

Contrary to popular belief, dragonlings tend to avoid house Siludar as much as possible. They're terrified of real dragons, and the dragon-fey feel that the dragonlings are a joke in bad taste. They exterminate them if they have the time, seeing them as silly mockeries of the noble beasts whose mighty blood flows in their veins. Suffice to say, Qimi's favorite targets are the members of Siludar, especially if theft is involved. After all, the dragonlings love shiny objects. Like gold. Or gems.

Their diet consists mainly of the little floating lights that abound in faerie, though they can easily gobble up insects, small amounts of glamor and glass if that's all that is available. Any large performance of magic in faërie tends to attract swarms of dragonlings, who hover at a safe distance, feeding off the small bits of magic that gets away. This can sometimes get quite annoying, and there are some fae who specialize in hunting dragonlings for nobles who want some privacy during their rituals.

All in all the dragonlings are a pretty but basically useless background feature of Faërie. Yet pretty is sometimes enough.

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