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My Love of the Arts

1. Izzy Anne's Poems

2. Izzy Anne's Writing

3. Izzy Anne's Photography

4. Izzy Anne's Sketches

5. Izzy Anne's Creativity

6. Izzy Anne's Paintings

1. Ambition

Perfect being
Oh perfect one
My soul is beaten
You have won.

Taught to love
Shown to fear
Hypocritical concepts
From which I appear.

Silent nights
Deadening voices
Harsh and untrue
These words are my choices

2. A Hoax for the Ages

"When examining the world’s history, there is only one thing that can be said about mankind: society has always longed for answers. Humanity has looked to the stars, to each individual’s unconscious thoughts and to unexplained history to create plausible claims as to why and how humanity was created and universally governed."





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