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The tree-bound fey called Kobolds can survive the felling of their tree, an experience which usually makes them extremely bitter and vengeful. They accompany the wood and harass anyone using it, which often means that they end up haunting a household.

To prevent this the practice of trapping the fey in a small figure carved of the felled tree arose. The figures were often grotesque, and the fey often took on the appearance of the figure they were trapped in. The effigy had to be kept in a special box, and if anyone but its rightful owner opened it the Kobold is released. The box and its contens can be sold, but the price must always be lower than the last time it was sold. If released, they attatched themselves to the household and became extremely troublesome. They could only be removed by an exorsism.

In their natural habitat they behaved much like Dryads, though they did not have the special bond that the Dryads did. Some houses prefer Kobolds to Dryads, mostly because they are better survivors, though some still rely on Dryads for their pleasant personalities and comely looks. As can be expected, they are much preferred by the Unseelie.

Kobolds could change shape, to appear as a houshold cat, children or worms. In their natural form they are between one and two feet tall, but look widely different from each other. Most of them have claws and horns, and all of them are ghastly to look at.

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