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A little child, a limber elf,
Singing, dancing to itself,
A fairy thing with red round cheeks,
That always finds and never seeks. . . .

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Lamignacs inhabit caves beneath mountain springs. They come out at night to bathe in their spring and comb their hair by moonlight. Their caves are beautifully decorated, and the Lamignacs themselves are not too different from humans, except from the fact that they can breathe underwater.

During the full moon they have the power to turn the water of their springs into a healing potion, but it only retains its magical properties until sunlight touches it. This valuable draught is highly prized by most peoples, and any house containing Lamignacs enjoys a lucrative trade.

Lamignacs say the opposite of what a mortal would say at all times. This can make them quite confusing to talk to, yet as soon as one grow accustomed to this fact they are among the most truthful among the fey. For they must say the opposite of the truth at all times.

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