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Some houses employ Leshiye (singular Leshiy) to govern their forests. Each Leshiy own one forest, be it in the mortal realm or in Faƫrie, and all the animals within their borders. His special servant is the bear, which often acts as his mount and representative. The female version is called the Lisunka.

He can alter his size as much as he wants, from the size of a leaf to the tallest tree in his forest. His skin is grey, and he has the legs and horns of a goat, just like a satyr. He has only one eye, and therefore lacks depth perception, and his main weapons are his sharp claws. He mostly fashions his clothes from sheepskin, which is always worn the wrong way around. He detests belts, and never wears one.

In addition to ruling his forests and animals, he can cause storms and whirlwinds. He is very fond of gambling, usually with others of his kind, and this can sometimes be registered by the nearby mortals. One time thousands of squirrels suddenly came pelting out of a forest, running away, never to return. The mortals immediately understood that the local Leshiy had lost big time at cards with the neighbouring Leshiy, and tactfully stopped talking about the subject.

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