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2012-02-04 21:22:27
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It is not an original idea, I know, but rather it is a challenge.
The gist is a simple one; one photo a day, for a year's worth of days.
This is not a contest, instead it is a chance for artistic growth.
To participate, simply create a wiki like this: Melissa's 365.
This page is editable by everyone, 
so that daily features may be presented and shown off here.
Please add and delete your own photos to this page.
Photos for the year ought to be kept in the wiki and probably should be numbered.
I begin mine today.
For those who wish to join me, there is no beginning or end date, 
only a year's worth of potential before you!


If you're interested, check out Photo A Day Challenge.
Similar to Photography 365, but each day has a given theme. Could be fun.

Thank you to those who participated, for however long you were involved.
This wiki is closed now, though.
Thanks for the feature and sharing the great photography.

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