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Hogwarts: New Age
Hogwarts Houses
User: [Chimes]
Name: Alexandria Meales (Me-Lez)
Age: 14
Gender: female
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 4
Height: 5'
Weight: 6 stone
Appearance: She is short and skinny, she looks pretty vulnerable. Her straight, hazel brown hair is long, reaching her back and is normally kept down. She has green eyes and a Tan complexion. When she is not wearing robes she can normally be seen in 3/4 length jeans, a orange spagetti strap top and a rather large black zip up hoodie.
Description: She tends to keep herself to herself mixing with only small groups at a time, when she is not angry she can be described as meek. Many think she is highly vulnerable due to her size, but that is far from accurate when she is angry. She doesnt get tempered often but when she does it is normally bad.
History: She comes from a completely muggle background but surprisingly she knew a lot about witchcraft and wizardry due to her gypsy roots, many thought her great-great grandmother was a witch but she was merely a gypsy fortune teller.
Other: She loves anything concerning fortunes and the future. She also loves dragons and has a pet gecko called Izzy.

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