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Where Elftowners are encouraged to put recipes for delicious and unusual foods!

Caramel Chaos Thickshake

This recipe is not recommended for diabetics. Excess consumption may have a hyperactive effect.

1 and 1/4 cup of ice cream
1/2 cup of caramel topping
1/4 cup of milk

Place ice cream and caramel in large glass and mix until combined.
Add milk and stir.
Eat with spoon, as thickshake is too thick for a straw.
Optional garnish - caramel allsorts.

Serves one.

Chocolate Trifle of Chaos

1 Chocolate and cream Swiss roll
1 Terry's chocolate orange
1 cup chocolate topping
Chocolate custard (or Yogo will do)
Chocolate whipped cream
1 packet chocolate chips
Chocolate icecream

Line a big bowl with slices of the chocolate Swiss roll like you would with a normal trifle.
Break up chocolate orange and put pieces in the bowl on top of the Swiss roll, like you would with the peaches in a normal trifle.
Pour the chocolate sauce over the chocolate orange pieces.
Pour the chocolate custard or Yogo over that.
Top with chocolate whipped cream, and pour chocolate chips over that.
Serve with chocolate icecream.

Serves one.

Chocolate Suuuupprrreeeemmeee!!!

(Many thanks for this recipe go to: [Lord Keiros]!)

+/- 350 ml thick cream
1/2 slabs cooking chocolate (depending on how thick you want it
2 eggwites, stiff

take the cream and heat it on the stove,
while heating up, break up the chocolate.
when hot take the chocolate and add it to the cream
while this is on the stove continnually stirr (it an stick and the it tastes baad)
whisk egg whites till firm
take choc/cream mixture off
allow to cool
add / fold in the egg whites
put in glasses and allow to cool in the fridge for +/- 4 hrs

Serves one.

If you've ever heard of a blue heaven milkshake, now it's time to enjoy...

Pink Heaven Milkshake

1 punnet of strawberries
1 tablespoon vanilla essence
4 tablespoons sugar
1 packet raspberry jelly crystals
1 cup ice cream
1 cup milk

(You need a stab mixer, but if you don't have one use a blender instead.)
Place straberries, washed and hulled, in a jug large enough to fit all ingredients.
Add vanilla essence, sugar, jelly crystals, ice cream and milk.
Stab mix well until all combined.
Pour into a glass (or eat straight from the jug!) and enjoy.

Serves one.

Now, behold my "guest submission" to the Town Herald (I'm trying to get a job)...

Half The Fun Is Getting There

Have you ever heard that expression while you're on a holiday, and gone "Huh?" How is half the fun of the holiday a long, boring car or plane trip compared with all the fantastic activities you've done?
Well, I have at last found a destination where half the fun really is getting there. Destination: Obesity.

Has a concerned parent, or diet-concious friend ever asked you what you've had for lunch, and you've felt the teensiest bit guilty as you've replied: "Chips, followed by ice cream, followed by several blocks of chocolate and washed down with a family sized-bottle of cola."?
Well, fear not, for your days of embarrassed truthfulness or webs of lies has come to an end! No, I haven't invented a healthy food that tastes as good as a piggy food... I've invented:

The piggy food with the healthy name!

1 cake, chocolate or plain (these are usually about $1.50 from the supermarket)
1 cup chocolate topping
1 tin of spray-on whipping cream
1 cup of Milo.

Slice cake in half as if you were about to put stuff in the middle and keep the two halves together. Now cut the cake into quarters.
You should have 8 pieces of cake, each the same size. Separate four of them.
On these four, thickly spread the topping.
Spray the cream on top of that.
Sprinkle with Milo.
Now place the other four halves on top of these.
There you have it! Sandwiches!

Serves one.

For delicious variations:
In place of cake, use meringues, sweet biscuits or blocks of chocolate.
In place of chocolate topping, use any other flavour of topping, jam or jelly.
In place of normal cream, try using chocolate cream, Yogo, chocolate mousse, or different flavoured "dairy snacks"
In place of Milo, use grated chocolate, jelly crystals, hundreds and thousands, Nerds, coffee or just good ol' sugar.

Respipie..easy tooo!

(Lots of thanks to [zinny] for this recipe!)

Choco Peanut Butter and Yumnessful!
Chocolate syrup
1/2 cup of peanut butter
Blueberry syrup/Bluberrys
And sprinkles, and other yummy junk
A big bowl
A microwave

Put all the junk into a bowl, and add alot of syrup, depending on yer choco insanity. Mix togeter(as well as possible, this is why chocolate syrup and blueberry sauce is preferred). Put in microwave. 1-2 minutes of high, and POOF! Plenty o' hours of parent infurriating hyperactivity!!

For the April issue of The Town Herald:

*Sigh*... April Fools Day is already over... Looks like it's 364 more days of being sensible and responsible while you wait for next year's April Fools Day to roll around.
Not likely!
Here, my good friends, is a recipe that combines delicious food with malicious pranks! It might not be Halloween, but this is truly a trick and a treat, all in one!

April Fool
(Sometimes spelt "foule")
Serves 2

2 large glasses
2 long spoons
1 cup chocolate topping
1 block of chocolate
1 packet of Laxettes
1 cup cooked strawberries/strawberry topping
1 carton pouring custard
1 can whipped cream
(Now, I know fools don't usually have chocolate in them, but for this to work on the prank level as well as the food level, it has to.)

- Find two very big glasses, one for you, and one for the victim.
Suggestion: Try to keep in mind which fool is yours and which fool is the victim's. We wouldn't want YOU to be the one experiencing the Explosive Results of this recipe...
- Put half a cup of chocolate topping into the bottom of each glass.
- Grate the block of chocolate into your glass.
- Crush up all the laxettes, and put them into the victim's glass.
- Put half a cup of the strawberries/strawberry topping into each glass.
- Pour some custard on top of that.
- Spray the whipped cream on top of that.
- Now, using a long spoon, stir each of the glasses creating swirls of chocolate, strawberry, cream and custard
Suggestion: Stir your fool first, so that you don't have to stir it when the spoon is covered with the laxettes from your victim's fool.
- Once you have stirred, top both glasses with more whipped cream and the sprinkles.

Voila! Finished! Now find your victim, and delight them with a surprise dessert! They'll be less likely to suspect that a prank is being played on them if you eat your fools at the same time. Also, try to keep a straight face. From here, there are 2 possible things you can do:
1. Tell your victim, directly after they've eaten the fool what it contained to see the look of dread creep onto their face (mind you, they might kill you before the fireworks begin).
2. Don't tell your victim, and spend the rest of the week stifling sniggers every time you see them.

Reeses Peanut Butter Milkshake

2 or 3 Spoonfuls of Reese's Peanut Butter (the amount doesn't matter really. If you want it to be have a more peanut butter taste then add more)

1/2 cup of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup (same as peanut butter, if you want more of a chocolate taste then add more)

2 cups of Ice Cream

1 cup of Milk

Blende all the ingredients in a blender until it becomes the thickness that you want. Pour into a glass. You can either add whipped cream on top or take pieces of a Reese's peanut butter cup a sprinkle it over the milkshake. (you could even do both if you like)

Penut butter orgasm
Penut butter
powdered sugar

Mix all of the ingredients...adding more or less of some until you get a playdough like texture...I'm telling you, its orgasmic
[Paperdoll Hippy]

[The Angel from Hell]'s Hot Chocolate

2 cup milk
2 packets of hot chocolate powder (6tbs)
1/4 tsp of ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Pour 2 cups milk into a small sauce pan and simmer it on low-medium heat.
Never stop stirring it, it will create a skin on top.

Once hot (little bubbles form at edge of milk) add 1 packet of hot chocolate powder.

Use fork (or whisk) to stir the powder completely. Then add the other packet continuing to stir until most of the clumps are out. (you can use the fork to take out any clumps that dont mix.)

Add the cinnamon and vanilla extract and stir (the extract smell will be strong but it goes down as you mix it so don't worry.)

Serve immediately. Serves 1 large mug.

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[Blue Stone Witch] I liked this page and would like to add a few recipes of my own.
[Lady Chaos]: Go ahead! The more the merrier!

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2004-04-10 [Elftown has failed The emo kids have won]: excelent,...beutifull...evil,are we allowed to add our own or is this strictly a you thing?

2004-04-11 [Lady Chaos]: Feel free to add your own recipes - as long as you say who wrote it! The more the merrier!

2004-05-24 [Kanjaska]: i just sent the URL of this page to all of my friends... we're all sugar addicts and for one of my friends in particular, this is the best site on the planet for him! so thanks for having this avaliable for Elftowners to get sugar recipies from!!!

2004-05-25 [Lady Chaos]: You've welcome! I want to be a dietitian someday, and the more diabetics out there, the more business for meeee!

2004-05-25 [Kanjaska]: lol... i'm sure that i'll have plenty of fun trying out some of these recipies over teh summer and i'm sure that my dad will love it when i try this...(everyone in my family is a chocoholic...)

2004-05-26 [Lady Chaos]: You're not actually considering trying the recipes? I don't want to be held responsible for anyone's death! The only safety-tested recipes on this page are the milkshakes.

2004-05-26 [Kanjaska]: don't worry, i've had a ton of sugar in one sitting, same with the rest of my family. you need not worry and i won't sue if one of us goes into a sugar coma... and that's not likely to happen.

2004-05-27 [Lady Chaos]: Phew! In that case, enjoy!

2004-05-27 [Kanjaska]: thanks again for having this page open to the public!!!!!

2004-06-03 [Lady Chaos]: No probs! *salutes*

2004-11-04 [the Indigo]: ooh!! food!! *drools*

2005-09-13 [green_panther]: I have some awsome recipes for you'll! I would love to be a member... I have my own cooking club! This is a wonderful opp for recipe exchange!! LOL! *claps hands* Yeay!

2007-09-19 [Jitter]: ooh i have a wiki as well---> Cooking :D (You're welcome to add your recipes!)

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