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Giant Races of Horamont and the Earth Realm

Rephaim in Earth lore:

Races of Horamont:
  - Agarau & Oceanstrider (see Merfolk)
  - ...

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2005-04-03 [xido]: REPHAIM (Reh-fah-eem) is another word for giant, and is featured in the contemporary world in the Old Testament. "There were giants (Rephaim) in those days" - Genesis. The giants of Horamont are also known as the Rephaim clans, and are the children of the Titans. Horamont, the home of the children of Titans, is a huge eternal land of Jashnia's eastern oceans.

2005-04-03 [xido]: Two varieties of Rephaim clan members are the Oceanstriders (actually a huge aquatic fae race), and the Agarau, or Ocean Giants. The Agarau have the extraordinary ability to change from half-cetacean form to fully upright two-legged creatures. The Agarau have claimed total control over the surrounding oceans of Horamont, with the cooperation and assistance of the Oceanstrider, a race of colossal fae that appear like humanoids with orca coloration and features, including a dorsal fin on top of their heads. Though fae in blood, the oceanstrider work completely under Agarau cooperation. Aquatic races are featured on the Merfolk page.

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