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2005-07-29 06:40:41
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SaWy's ArT

owner: [Sawy]

Hello my name is Sara Ramseier, also known as [Sawy], i am 16 and i live in Minnesota/usa...i guess thats about the basics..but if you wanna know more of me just go to by house
okay, this page will be filled of magnificent art of mine..also there will be LOTS of stuff for you to check out!
i'm not very good at this wiki plz bare with me ^__^ thank you.

everything you see here is a if i see any of my art being stolen or used with out my permission, i will hunt you down..and tell the admine people...
IF YOU SEE any of my art being used without my permission..plz i advise plz note me ^__^
Comments are very much appreciated ^__^ thank you.



Hold Your Heart

Fear Itself

Blood Shot Eye

Sawy's Dream

She Comes Out To Play

Gone with the Wind

The Spell



Ho Ho Fucking HoPhotography


A Vampires DeathDrawing:Pencil


Strings Attached

Collab with Daphne II: painted in Photoshop

Death Collab w DaphnePainted in Photoshop

The Pain Photography

Elf Collab with daphne, used photoshop

Sawys Art 2
the Kewlio sites-the place for sites and other kewl stuff like, other great artists, stock pages, brushes. etc.

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2005-02-15 [*DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE*]: you have got some amazing digital art here, how about entering one of your amazing eyes here in the art of eyes contest 4 going on at art contests ?

2007-06-27 [ketsu]: This is very impressive! I wish I could paint in Photoshop like that. It looks hard.

2008-05-30 [emerald_phenix]: wow your photo art is GREAT and your photo shop or whatever art is AWSOME. you have a very pretty face btw!!

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