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Sirens are born singers. They look like young humans, though some of them have exhibited fish-tails or bird-like features. Their most notable characteristic is their voice, which is of supernatural beauty, and they have an infinite memory for songs. They are so talened that mortals who hear them are entranced, and barely notice anything besides the unearthly beauty of the music. Sirens are used as choiristers by the fey, and they are popular at both parties and performances of all sorts.

Due to their effect on mortals, they rarely sing on the mortal plane. When they do so, they choose remote and dangerous locales to avoid mortals flocking around them. Unfortunately, mortals are everywhere, and in many cases the enchanted mortals have died trying to reach the inaccessible siren. Some Unseelie sirens seem to take a perverse joy in this, and purposefully lure mortals into dangerous territories, such as reefs and bogs.

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