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Welcome to Text Adventures! This page is for advertising text-based role-playing games. They can best be described as collaborative stories, where each player controls specific characters within the story. (See Role Playing for Dummies for more information on what exactly role-playing is.)

If you have created a new Role-play, just add a link to it in the comments below Tell us a little bit about it, too.
If you have not found the desired amount of players before your role-play has been bumped into the older comments, feel free to re-advertise.
Please do not clutter the comments with chatter. We do not want role-plays to be prematurely bumped off the page. Excessive chit chat will be deleted.

If you have a text game that is based on an idea other than role-playing, please add it to Games instead.


*Role Playing For Dummies*RP: Bad Bios*How to RP
*The Ultimate Character Guide*The Ultimate Fantasy World Guide*What Not To Do With Powers


Current Active RPs

*X-Men RP* A Book Of Miss Guided Fairytales*Winter of Wolves
* Darkness Reigns (18+)* Bob's Diner *Valzer Scuro (18+)


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2014-10-15 [Figgy]: You can message pretty much anyone in the RP (assuming you're going for X-Men) for advice, but I suggest sending it to me or [Duredhel] to get a final verdict. We'll walk you through edits and corrections, if you need them, no problem :>

2014-10-15 [The Black Goat]: And if you're talking about DR the same would go for moi ;D

2014-10-15 [Figgy]: *sprays Nox with water*

2014-10-15 [~Valkyrie~]: Why can't people play in both? Asdroth and I do. :p

2014-10-15 [Figgy]: *Sprays Valkyrie*

2014-10-15 [ancienteye]: But I play in both. :( *holds up umbrella between self and Figgy*

2014-10-15 [~Valkyrie~]: Get him Figgy! :p

2014-10-15 [Figgy]: ..., her, you mean? XD

2014-10-15 [ancienteye]: I can confirm that I am a "her".

2014-10-15 [~Valkyrie~]: Right, I'm Sorry! I've been told that at least twice before. I don't know why I originally thought you were a guy and now it sticks. :/

2014-10-15 [ancienteye]: XD Wish I could say you were the first...

2014-10-15 [~Valkyrie~]: :( Sorry :s

2014-10-15 [ancienteye]: XD Don't worry about it. I was pretty much a "guy friend with boobs" in high school, anyways. :P

2014-10-15 [ancienteye]: ...Well, more of a "weird, zoned-out friend with boobs", but you get the point.

2014-10-15 [~Valkyrie~]: *laughs* I always felt like the kid sister that they didn't mind tagging along. Oddly enough, I was an average of 2 years older than my brother's friends. But I could play airsoft without screaming so I was considered kosher. :p

2014-10-15 [ancienteye]: XD I was the youngest in my group for the longest time, but I'd still lecture them and hear "I already have a mom!" Apparently I was an acquired taste from middle school to high school, though. Almost all of my friends said they couldn't stand me the first year they knew me! And they met me at different years!

2014-10-15 [Figgy]: Guys 8> You should probably leave the page comments for things pertaining to Text Adventures.

2014-10-15 [ancienteye]: ...Oops. Sorry.

2014-10-15 [Figgy]: Well, I wasn't helping XD Anyhow.

2014-10-16 [Kalma]: Ok - I have a long day of work today, but short ones tomorrow and Saturday, and I'm off Mon and Tues, so pre-polishing of bio will happen sometime before the 21st and, [Figgy], I will likely send the bio to you. :) In the mean time, I found a drawing of this character and it is at least as old as Dec 2003 according to the upload date on my DevArt. ^-^ but I've been excited all week for drawing some new pics of her at some point. Is anyone interested in seeing the old one? I'm uploading a slightly edited version of it to Art Gallery 11499.

2016-02-14 [Tekkon KinKreet]: FTL: Aftershock- Myself and another player have already started playing, but its mostly just to set up for the next player to be able to join easily. 

So basically, the Galaxy is at war. The Federation (player characters) and the xenophobic Rebel Faction are fighting for control of the galaxy. A player can pick from six races, each with their own abilities, and plenty of room for creativity in character creation.

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