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The Neurotic's Guide

The very nervous person's guide to life in the modern world, including blind dates, shallow breathing, alien cultures, New Year's Eve, touching the bottom of the lake with your feet, appendix operations, true love and just about everything else you can think of. Topic's covered include:
Love- "I can't breath."

Anxiety- how to read horoscopes, write letters to the editor and do crossword puzzles; also, why you should stop.

Time- tips with dealing with the four major problem periods in the year- fall, winter, spring and summer.

Home- information on return-address stickers, scented drawer lining and other household tools for coping.

Health- a peek into the well-stocked medicine cabinet, plus 10 top remedies for illnesses you don't have.

Travel- the major countries of the world are rated for climate, political features, tourist incoviences and societal quirks.

All-Time Great Neurotics- Abe Lincoln, Marcel Proust, Lucy Ricardo, Sigmund Freud and many other figures in this unique hall of fame.

Plus a place where you can add your own name and the reason you are neurotic. Keeping in mind that this whole wiki is all in good humor.

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The Neurotic's Guide Contents

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