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'Agent' is a term for a creature that attacks the life-force of another living creature, known as a 'host'. Parasitic creatures can sometimes control the host, usually by Psionic means.
The Children of Illithid, known as Werms, or Lesser Wyrms are demonic agents that act in a similar manner to the Mindflayers, with psionic deprevation succumbing the host to act as the Werm wishes.

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2004-06-12 [xido]: The Children of Illithid are commonly known as Goa'uld on the series Stargate SG-1. A Goa'uld/Giger Alien hybrid is known as an Ylilk.

2008-02-01 [xido]: This needs some renovations, and a few links for back-up. Every creature should be backed-up with a reference or two. This sounds like something someone else came up with, and then I remember, I threw in something to give the page some content....

So, this needs a quick revision-and-addition, or else be tossed or converted to something more sensible. Also, 'Illithid' I learned is a copyrighted word. I'm not sure that 'Mindflayers' is not, but there are certain rules established. Perhaps this will change through the course of 2008, when releases new info on how they will be dealing with D&D-related third-party material.

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