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2007-01-23 01:57:43
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The Alicanto is the much bigger cousin of the Cucuio and the Ercinee. It feeds on the mineral sources in the Chilean mountains. When this bird eats gold, it shines like the sun. When it feeds on silver, it shimmers like the moon. Travellers that hear this bird's song, follow its light through the dark in hope that it is the Alicanto that brings them to many riches.
The Book of Dragons (and other Mythical Beasts), by Joseph Nigg

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2007-01-23 [xido]: Hey Angel, this looks great for formatting too. I checked it just in case. I added " Latin" to the keywords, though if this is not a truly mythological creature (and simply the creation of the above author), the author's name could be put in place of it. With that addition, I think you've got the keyword thing down pat. ;)

Also, Let's make sure to use capitols on our links, and add spaces between the two titles and / . Spaces look cleaner, and the titles are more apparently separate.

If Linn and you would like to edit these as you see fit, I think I have posted a pretty definitive basic format to continue...

A & B have formatting correct, and only the first few A Creatures have full keywords added, including this one. ;)

We should have the list bulleted on The Creature List before we take the other page of creatures down and leave the rules & info on the Creature_List by itself.

Does that sound like a sensible plan of action? :D

2007-01-23 [Angel Dreamer]: Sounds good to me!

2007-01-23 [xido]: Great! :D
I have [Artsieladie] bringing in the reinforcements for fixing that rainbow-gif problem, and still keep the pretty underline....

Aside from that, do you like the new setup? ;)

2007-01-23 [Angel Dreamer]: I do, the color system works a lot better than that insanity I had going there XD 

2007-01-23 [xido]: <img:44166_1164145171.gif> ROFL!
<img:44166_1164144892.gif> I am not even sure we had Elftown Graphics back that far (probably did), but at least now we have a system that is visually easy to notice.

It will take a lot of work to format, keyword and bullet-note the whole list. We should each take sections of letters, you, Linn and me if possible. Linn wants to help you badly, and has publication resources to do so.

2007-01-23 [Angel Dreamer]: If Linn's crazy enought to want to work on it, by all means. It might take me a bit to get the hang of the bullet-making, but I'll try to jump in whenever class gives me a breather. Think I'll start on the Z's and work my way up, does that sound good to you?

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