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 From D&D -

Pronounced "Bai-et-zoo" or "Bah-ay-tee-zoo"
In a word: DEVILS

There are many various forms of Baatezu Devil Kin.
They are all residents or associates of the Nine Infernal Hells of Baator in some way, and often serve as troops or leaders in the great Blood Wars, the hellish wars that have ravaged the infernal realms for eons.

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<img:>Chain Golem
<img:>Infernal armies often employ the use of Hell Hounds in their wars and missions.
<img:>Doom Guard
<img:>Kuldurath Mounts
<img:>famine spirit
<img:>Durzagon, a half-fiend
<img:>Hellfire Wyrm
<img:>Fiend of Blasphemy
<img:>Gathra, an infernal wild beast
<img:>Fiend of Corruption
Devils sometimes employ the use of fiendish symbionts

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