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2008-09-03 18:47:13
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with the lovely [lacy_azlin]

Bob's Fair Adventure.
Welcome to the Warington County fair!
Bob arrived in the mail on Friday. Where he got himself a new tote bag, and a my room mate decided to fit him for a finger braided necklace.
Sunday we went to the fair.
He met a greyhound named Bo, and had pictures taken and even took pictures with a racecar.

Pictures of ponies, and bunnies and kids and money and Bob's new bag and the tiny frog ocarina gifted to him from a native American booth.

Bob's in a drawing for a raffle for a mosaic vase, images will be posted soon. If he wins, it will be sent to [moira hawthorne]

Should be fun!

We had alot of fun, below are a sampling of some of the photos (still got more film to develop and a friend to poke about giving me the pictures off his camera he promised!)

He just got here!

At the fair, and by the rainmates display checking things out.

Bob guessing the cash... (there was 317....)

There was a mud race.. I didn't get to go, but the roomie and bob had fun!

Had alot of pictures that poeple took with bob, which was highly amusing. This one was Bob's favorite...

For some reason the picture with Bob Pickle and Bob zombie didn't turn out.. but the one with Bob checkin' out Pickle's car did!

Bob entered a raffle, unfortunately he didn't win. (Some girl named Rachel.. who ended up being under 18 and couldn't win the prize anyway.. sucks..)

Bob enjoying a sprite.

Just watching. He did that alot

More to come, Bob at the Zoo, Bob In New York City....

If you would like to get in on the Adventure with Bob, go to Bob Zombiee's World Travels

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2008-09-03 [moira hawthorne]: nice!

2008-09-03 [moira hawthorne]: More to come, Bob at the Zoo, Bob In New York City....

If you would like to get in on the Adventure with Bob, go to [Bob Zombiee's World Travels] < this link isnt correct

2008-09-03 [moira hawthorne]: Bob Zombiee's World Travels
add @wiki inside the []

2008-09-03 [lacy_azlin]: I did
it took me a bit but I got it fixed.

2008-09-03 [moira hawthorne]: If you would like to get in on the Adventure with Bob, go to Bob Zombiee's World Travelsgt;

what is with the gt; ???

is it a smiley i dont know?

2008-09-03 [lacy_azlin]: I've no clue. It's not there when I edit.

2008-09-03 [lacy_azlin]: I dunno what it was. Edit again.. all was fine.. came out and it's gone.. Likely some weirdness

2008-09-03 [moira hawthorne]: ooooh ok... weird... well what ever it is its all fixed now!

2008-09-04 [Cia_mar]: this is great! Bob had so much fun! hey did he get a TAT???

2008-09-04 [moira hawthorne]: yes the blurry blob on his left shoulderblade

2008-09-22 [lacy_azlin]: lol he got a butterfly.

2008-09-22 [moira hawthorne]: are you gonna get the other adventures of Bob photos up soon?

2008-09-22 [lacy_azlin]: I have them on disk. Just been lazy about it at the moment. Mix of 'busy, forgetful, and bad day'

2008-09-22 [moira hawthorne]: sure... this is a bad day... I dont expect anything today

2008-09-22 [lacy_azlin]: yeah. bad day. very bad day

2008-09-22 [moira hawthorne]: told you you should of gone back to bed... bed is a nice place... you pull up the covers close your eyes and tell the world to go away... a small death

2008-09-23 [lacy_azlin]: it's been getting progressively better and if I stayed in bed i would have just caused myself pain. I can't lay down too long without getting uncomfortable.

2008-09-23 [moira hawthorne]: sounds like you need a better bed...

2008-09-23 [lacy_azlin]: Can't afford one. This one was a freebie off the side of the road

2008-09-23 [moira hawthorne]: yes... i was afraid of that!

2008-09-23 [lacy_azlin]: well it was better than paying cash every month for an air matress, or the patch kits to keep the air matress up.

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