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Brownies are invisible brown elves or household goblins who live in farmhouses and other country buildings within Scotland. While the members of the household are asleep they go about doing labours for the house owners. Brownies are protective creatures and become attached to the families. If the family moves, the Brownie will move with them. If a brownie is treated badly by the family or is offered payment, it vanishes without trace. Only children can see Brownies because of their innocent nature, though this does not prevent the brownies from helping adults.


are rare, whimsical beings who prefer to commune with the little people of the land, and play an occasional joke on the 'biggins' when at their most sociable of times. Brownies will occasionally hold conference with the taller, less magical races, and even elves, although only on the rarest event, and within only the most hilarious of proposals, and they never have less than thirteen ways to escape, in the event that their tricks offend the 'big ol' puddy general'. They're crazy antics are near that of gnomes, but even gnomes won't go as far as the Brownie does to give themselves a good laugh.

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