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Also: Djinni, Djiin, Jenie, Janni, Jaani, Marid, Dao, Efreet

In Mesopotamian myths, the best known protectors of humans. They are lesser gods who guarded humanity against evil, and acted as messengers of the gods. Portrayed as hybrids, often bulls with wings and human heads, sometimes eagle-headed humans.
There were also evil genii: part human, part lion.

Illustrated Dictionary of Mythology by Philip Wilkinson

Genies, known commonly in the Elemental Realms as Janni, or Jann Lords, are denizens and lords over the elemental realms they inhabit. Four races have retained control over the four different elemental planes:
   - The Marid live in in Aquaea, Realm of Water

   - The Dao live in Argerios, Realm of Earth

   - The Efreeti live in Ignas, Realm of Fire

   - The Djiini live in Aeroaura, Realm of Air

   - The Janni, corporeal creations of all four elements, live in all four realms, as well as other planes, including the physical world, the Material Realm.

These factions of the Janni Lords all have a system and method of incorporating bonded souls and lineages in pacts and beliefs that change and evolve the way inhabitants of the other realms live. They often involve themselves in the work of the gods, and often divine/jann disputes become overwhelmingly dynamic, though only the most ignorant of Janni do not know how to get themselves out of a predicament without a scratch in such a dispute.
The Janni harbor mysteries and secrets that no mortal will ever know, and rule and inhabit a society of individuals with nearly god-like powers and intense, dynamic emotions that can cause realms to crumble to dust if so intended.

Many peoples are involved in pacts made with Elemental Lords, often Jann either acting as themselves, or as mysterious godly figures, deities which come to do miracles in return for worship or alliance in the End of Times, or any other seemingly ridiculous reason.
The Marid have a fair-standing pact with the Aquaean Elves of Vxa, a floating isle which harbors the royal family, and the Oryar of the Aquaeans of Jashnia, who rule over all of the Blue Ocean below the surface from their floating, sailing island city.

Jann (left) and Efreet (right) Genies
Images Courtesy of Wizards of the Coast

A Marid (left-back) and a Dao (right-front) Genie

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2004-07-21 [Angel Dreamer]: see:efrit

2005-04-03 [xido]: 'and all the 20 other spellings'.... lol  too funny.  I'll add more. Djinni, Genie, Janni...... There are varieties, espousing to the elements of air (Djinn), fire (Efreet), water (Marid), and earth (Dao).... the Janni are lesser genie factions, actually physically composed of all four elements, and of higher caste than humanity, but less than the Genie lords of the Elemental Realms. More to come....

2005-04-03 [xido]: the Marid, or Water Djinn, is featured on the Merfolk page as well

2006-04-02 [xido]: I wonder if we have any elemental dividers on our Elftown Graphics...... ?

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