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2007-02-03 20:17:30
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This Beast's body remebles that of a muscular lion. Its gead and front legs are those of a great eagle, and it had a pair of large, golden wings.

Griffons are powerfull, majestic creatures with the characteristics of both lions and eagles. They hunt all manner of prey but prefer the flesh of horses above all else.
From nose to tail, an adult griffon can measure as much as 8 feet (2.44 m). Neither males nog females are endowed with a mane. A pair of broad, golden wings emerge from the creature's back and span 25 feet (7.60 m) or more. A griffon weighs about 500 pounds (225 kg).

Griffons make their homes in high places, swooping down with a shrill, eaglelike cry to attack their prey. Although both aggresive and territorial, they are also intelligent enough to avoid abviously powerfull enemies. They almost always attack horses, however, and any who attempt to protect horses from a hungry griffon often end up on the menu themselves.

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2007-04-25 [xido]: Wow, what a great picture! Who did it?
Gryphon Clan

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