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This beast has the torso and hindquarters of a horse and the forelegs, wings and head of a giant eagle.

Hippogriffs are aggressive flying creatures that combine features of horses and giant eagles. Voracious omnivores, hippogrives will hunt humanoids as readily as any other meal.

These beasts are very territorial, defending their preferred hunting and grazing against intruders with unusual ferocity.

Their range usually extends about 20-40 miles (32-65 m) from their nest, in which the young remain while the adults hunt. Hippogriffs never leave their young undegended, however. Discovering a hippogriff nest alwats results into encountering the adult creatures.

A typical hippogriff is 9 feet (2.75 m) long, has a wingspan of 20 feet (6 m), and weighs about 1000 pounds (455 kg).

Hippogriffs dive at their prey and strike with their clawed forelegs. When they acannot fice, they slash with claws and beak.
Mated pairs and flights of these creatures attack in concert, diving repeatedly to drive away or kill intruders. Hippogriffs fight to death to defent their nest and their hatchlings.

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