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Also known as a shapechanger, doppelganger, polymorpher, animagus, werecreature, or Faunarian, depending on locale and species / type.

Doppelganger - ...

Polymorpher - ...

Animagus - From Harry Potter. ...

Werecreature - ...

Faunarian - (Feminine suffix: -ien, ie, Faunarien; plural - Faunar) A magical being of any race; the abilities of a Faunarian are usually passed on from parent to child. Faunarian's are capable of transforming themselves into any sentient creature of flesh, provided they have some understanding of how different elements of them are composed; for example, the way a wing is formed and moves. Simple observation is generally enough for a Faunarian, as long as they can maintain detailed images of what they have observed to guide the transformation. They have a natural instinct for such observation and find most transformation to be effortless, especially once accustomed to it. However, these abilities are known to skip generations.
     The most common race of Faunarian ancestry is the Felynne (Catfolk), although the origin of the shapeshifting ability is lost to myth and legend, many of which are innacurate.
     Faunar from Nym often travel, and have one major community settled in Tearra Réhm, and some on other worlds unknown to the majority of Jashnian citizens.

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