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An Elftown Fantasy Wiki!

Affiliated with: Elftown_Welcoming-Committee

Welcome to Elftown's Welcoming Chat Wiki-page!

This wiki-page exists with the goal in mind of designating a place to get the ball a rollin' in the way
of helping folks here on Elftown to get to know one another, older and newer members alike.

New members will be given this link along with other suggestions and useful Elftown links. New
members can introduce themselves here, ask questions, so on and so forth, and all other members of
Elftown as well are welcomed to introduce themselves, answer questions, so on and so forth. Of course
this is not the only place that this same agenda can be carried out, but rather a common place for new
members especially to begin interacting on Elftown with.

Simply stated, the agenda here is to offer everyone on Elftown the opportunity to know one another.
Who knows? Some new friendships might be sparked, new romances even might have their beginnings
right here on Elftown; right here on this very page even!

Here, members older and newer can converse with one another, get acquainted, discover common
grounds and interests, and during this process, new members can feel more at home and longer termed
members can use the opportunity to be helpful as well, an all around win-win theory.

No one should need any reminding to keep the chat friendly, civil, and respectful, but this is a reminder

More may be added here, if needed.

In the meanwhile, let's all become better acquainted, shall we?


                  Affiliated Elftown_Welcoming-Committee Links:                  

  <img:> ~ Welcomed_Members
  <img:> ~ Welcoming_Chat-Wiki*
  <img:> ~ Welcoming-Committee_Discussion
    <img:> ~ Welcoming-Committee_Personnel
<img:> ~ Welcoming-Committee_Sign-up
<img:> ~ Welcoming_Guestbook-Messages

* = This page.


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