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Justins LizzieBear (Justin I love you soooo much!<3)

Member #104287 created: 2004-12-22 23:28:14Simple URL:   


Pouty Face=]



"This is how it goes: Im gonna respect those who respect me,and forget those who forget me.simple as that.""

It was tragic I know,Now I'll just never die,What hurt's just never dies and i'm proud to say i'm hurt and will never die because paper cut's will never kill me</3

i'm Liz

(sure you figured that out)

i'm 19

i'm spontanious&fun,tho I can be serious

i have my bad day's like everyone

my hobbie is:i like to poke thing's with a stick

i alway's seem like a nice girl at first.get to know me...I really am a "Nice Girl".

nobody's perfect

(expecially not me)

i'm clumsy,i trip over my own feet,run into wall's&make fun of myself

(yet.i could care less)

i've learned "life is tough"

(& i've learned it the hard way)

i could care less what ppl say or think about me

i'm me..dont like it...GO AWAY

i love pictures&summertime

i get upset&hurt easily & say sorry too much

i have a pretty hard life,i don't expect you to be sympathetic.but please dont make it worse

i dont play games with people:either you like me or you dont

(simple as that)

Wanna know more?ASK!

Justin H.H.Crew:This boy is AMAZING!He make's me smile like no one else can.He is sweet and he alway's makes sure that I know that he love's me!I love that when we argue im the one doing all the yelling and he just stand's there and take's it.I love waking up to him watching me sleep.He make's my day's brighter and my night's easier to sleep.He is completely honest with me and isn't afraid to show me that he love's me or want's me in his life.He treat's me amazingly and believe's in me one hundred percent.He mean's the world to me and I love him more than anything!10-28-09.

No body said it was gona be easy,they just promise it'd be worth it!

if it didn't matter you wouldn't be thinking about it.

Never say goodbye,Because saying goodbye means going away and going away means Forgetting!

We do and say thing's we don't mean...We hurt people we in actuality don't care about...and the one's that do care...Give their heart away only to get it back broken.</3

Age: 20Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 10

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Halfling

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: USA-Michigan

Town: ::Google Me=]

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: none

Body shape: normal

Height: 174

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