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Name: Ummm, yeah, about that..... whats that!?


thats super kuhl!!! take my poll


mmmmmmmm my first car

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ok, so i am me... me is who i am and me is who i will become.... blah blah blah, so fancy worded shit and whats that, look over ur shoulder its a big scary monster and it will eat u..... now that thats over, read the rest of this time-wasting bullshit :)
scroll down slowly, w/ star wars theme song in ur head.
useless info:
most the people that have a name like sexy or hot stuff, never have a pic. i personally have some doubt in their name. dont u?

        in the begining
i was born, i made the universe, and all that bullshit and i have the answers to all, such as, the egg came down and smacked the chicken in the head, but the question is what came first, the egg just appeared in the sky when the chicken came out of my ass, then i when on my quest to find the answers to life starting with ur mom( GET PISSED CUZ IM TALKIN ABOUT UR MOM BUT IF U THINK UR DAD IS INFACT WHO HE SAYS HE IS, THEN UR DUMBER THAN I LOOK ) neway, as i was saying i nailed her good and hard and out popped u.
 then when that nightmare was over, i ditched her bitch ass, and i created who u think is ur father. adam and eve is bullshit. eve was an ugly ass bitch so adam pimped all the animals and thats where the president came from, just to clarify, the president came from beastiality, or to sound fancy, interspecies erotica.
now to my main point this was a complete waste of time and i thank u for prooving that i am the best time waster next to the genius, jerry springer. go fuck urself
for those of you that know me, you know that i use to get drunk and babble on myspace for a really long time about some really dumb dance around a fucking fountain while a cop hits you in the head bull shit... but this time, i am sober and i want to know what you guys think about a certain subject.... god... well, God lol an all-knowing, perfect-in-everyway spirit/being.

in the bible, God admits to regretting making man. now to me thats a mistake. if thats not good enough for you then i have more. keep in mind that this is only my opinion, not to be taken as any other way as mindless reading material unless it makes you think. another point... all-knowing.. this God knows when and how you are going to die before you exsist. he's all-knowing. he knows the past, present, and future. he gave us choice, however, he knows you better than you know yourself. which means, he would know what you decide before you think about what your choices are.

knowing this, he knows what you will decide, the effect of your decision, how that effect will interfere with another individuals decision. so based off of one choice which God himself gave us and the decision that this one person makes, God will go through that cause and effect chain of each of our decisions based off of our choices and he would know whether im going to heaven or hell before george washington even exsisted.

now is this deep thinking or just simple truth of an all-knowing and perfect spirit/being? he is infact all-knowing? or is it just easier to blame the good shit on him and the bad shit on satan? give credit to God? and blame satan? no wonder satan is pissed off at God.

i once asked, "who created the universe?"
the answer was, "God" "who created God?"
"he never not exsisted.
"why does that make sense?"
"why couldnt the universe never not exsisted?"
"because God created the universe.
"so this God created us, knowing what is going to happen to each one of us before we exsist for what reason?"
"his divine plan.
"mmhmm, so his plan is to see the outcome of our life, what happens in our life, and know whether we will burn in hell or serve him in heaven, but put us through it because......?"
"his ways are so much higher than ours.
"someone must be higher around here; if he's perfect and all-knowing then he knows the outcome of our life before we even exsist... that doesnt make sense.
"now you're trying to out-smart God.
"no, all i have to do is out-smart you.

this is all a mind fuck of blind trust and a lot of non taxable money based off of a book writen by man that became a lifetime best seller and truly a way of life.
it is a good book of stories that may have been ahead of its time, but the word of God? really?

if his ways are so much higher than ours then we wouldnt be able to comprehend any of what he says, let-alone, write it down... what the fuck makes you think that a man, or many men, or even a woman could understand the words of God, the ideas of God, or even the way of life God wants us to follow, if his ways are so much higher than our own?

you want to know the meaning of life? do what you are meant to do. you may ask what are we meant to do. i will answer, as an individual, you will find out what you are meant to do. it will just happen. do what you enjoy. do what you are passionate about. this will lead to what you are meant to do. its like falling inlove. you dont plan it, you dont know whne, how, or why it would happen, you just know it when it does happen. so do what you enjoy and you will find your own meaning of life. stay true to who you are and you will become that which you are meant to be.
thank you

the 3 rules

ok... sometimes things may seem hard, difficult, weird,
fucked up, or just plain uncontrolable....
but check it out... those same things r just
an amplified version of when u were
8 and u wanted to drive a car...
haha and when u get the chance u
rear end a mustang... all these
fucked up situations u go through in
life are just preparing u for what u
are going to face later in life...
there r 3 main lessons
that i have learned yet i have many
more aspects of those lessons to learn...
1. pay attention
to where u are now, not where ud rather
be because no matter how hard u try,
ur still going to be where u
dont want to be. 2. be patient.
if something is worth having,
its worth waiting for. relationships,
that new car, that awesome job(career).
take ur time.. get to know him/her,
dont go too fast because that
why there are sooo many misunderstandings and distrust...
that new car is not what it seems,
think about everything ud use that car for...
go through college not neccesarly to learn more,
but just to get that experience...
if u stop trying to learn,
u will inturn learn faster...
3. stop trying to get people to like u...
no matter what u do, u are left with urself...
everything u do, u do alone...
there may be help on the way,
but in reality, u do what u do..
whether its ur part or the whole damn thing...
its u who u have to live with..
so just try to focus on where ur going to start,
not what u want to be exactly... just START..
that is the most important thing...
just remember that this didnt come from me...
it came from where u have not looked inside urself

lets not forget

fucknshit!!! what happened to the old skool way? b4 i had a fone, i walked to my friends house... i had no idea if they were there or not but i didnt care... i wanted to just hang out with my friends... then i got a fone... called them just to realize that since they have a fone sumone else called them so i was stuck... and if they werent busy id walk there knowing that they were home... then i get a car... so i call them, and drive to where they r... getting lazier and lazier... myspace became that hang out spot... thats fuckin stupid... i cant stand the fact that things change sooo much... ppl say dont be ignorant, things change all the time thats the way of life but what makes those changes so much better than hangin out with the ppl u trust and love... i cant believe thats for the greater good... what would the problem be if when u have sum free time, instead of driving to where u wana go to save time... u walk to where u wanna go so u can remember what it was like b4 u became lazy... save gas, save who u were, cuz yeah it sucked when u had to walk sumwhere but u didnt care, u just had nowhere to go and the rest of ur life to get there... y do we forget what it was like? bcuz we choose to... its "the way of life"... an instant world... but what if we go so fast we dont know how we got where we r and maybe even regret what we missed out on bcuz we went sooo fast... im very close to sumone that is telling me that his time is counting down.. he fucking knows it!!!! all he can say is... all this shit that he has, he will have no use for it where hes going, i dont know about u but im not going to forget what it was like to be entertained by a crayon and that wall... haha we got in trouble but deep down we really wanted to say... "damn that was fun"... that would have gotten me in a shit load more trouble... there is good and bad about growing up... the bad is we may tend to become impatient and try to grow up too fast and miss what life is all about.. the good thing is, sumtimes, in certain people, theres always that easily entertain kid that will just have fun and never forget y we r here....... TO ENJOY WHAT WE HAVE, NOT REGRET WHAT WE DIDNT GET... IF U SPEND UR TIME REGRETING, THATS THE EXTENT OF UR HAPPINESS... "I WISH I WOULD HAVE CUZ I COULD HAVE AND I GUESS I SHOULD HAVE"... "BUT I DIDNT"....... lets try to realize that we r all very temperary guests on this planet and what else do we have the power to do, but enjoy what we HAVE AND NEED NOT WHAT WE WISH WE HAD.... if ur meant to have sumthing, u will get it... if ur meant to do sumthing, it will happen... im not saying to just sit there and wait, but dont try sooo hard that u forget what u went through and what u have achieved... ask if it was worth it... its thoughts like these that make me so angry with myself for being a big ass hippocrat... but im glad i have this chance to change myself for the better... i guess thats what we SHOULD focus on bcuz we COULD be anything we want...... what WOULD u do with ur only chance? thats what im here to find out in this stage of my life... y r u here right now?

random thots roaming in the brain

i may be wrong, but women want to be treated with respect, right? lets explore this... they dont always want to be treated with respect.. my veiw of respect is, open their doors for them, tell them they look nice when they do, and on the flip side tell them tell them when they dont look nice... do be brutal about it tho cuz they dont wanna hear it in the first place.. just tell them ur opinion, be open, honest and straight forward... its hard as fuck at the time but check it out... u wait til the breaking point and it hurts even more than it should... u dont wanna hurt their feelings or watever but what r u really doing? the longer u hold on the harder it is to let go... u dont wanna be unhappy, but without feeling that unhappiness how do u really know when ur happy? ive been told many times... if u stay on the mountain top u will never know what the vallry is like... take thjat as u will, but i take it as... we got our ups and downs... time flies when ur having fun, but its brutally slow when ur in a rut lol serriously, if ur not honest, u will never know who truely knows u... not many ppl truely know me... i loved being unknown, but lately ive been wanting to be seen.... i didnt think i cared what others thot but i guess deep down we all care to an extent... im not saying to lay all ur cards on the table all at once im just saying if u want to be happy u wont hav too many to lay out so it would b possible to lay out what u got and fuck!!! i wish i didnt think so much but given the circumstances we end up in, dont u ever wonder y sumthing isnt working
how u want it to? i cant believe that no one
thinks abotu y shit
doesnt work out... the reason
isnt cuz we try
too hard, its cuz we
try so hard to hide what u think
may hurt others... maybe if u stopped
caring about present feelings u may
begin to understand that there is a
future and whether u like it or not,
ppl around u come and go,
but u r stuck with who u r,
u may change what u do or how u
act(realizing it or not) it happens,
ppl adapt to what happens, and the one
thing u have to do is the future will
come whether u like it or not...
so focus on what u can do in the
situation u r in now to eventually
acheive what it is u r here to do... o shit...
im done, if ud like to
know more about how i roll hit me up

fuck... this is never easy to do but... o well... lets just say that u r u... i am me... i didnt experience what u have.... u havent experienced what i have... we might have experienced the same thing, but we see differently... we assimulate happenings differently... no one can tell me how to do anything based off of what they learned... what they can do is tell me what they went through, how it effected them, what their reaction was, and how they overcame it, but in reality... examples r just that... FOR EXAMPLE, ive been through some odd shit... ive seen, heard, helped, hurt, created, destroyed, etc.... im sure we all have, but the thing is... not everyone can apply what they already know to events they havent been through yet... there r so many things that happen in life its hard to know what to do sometimes (well most of the time) but that is life.... ups and downs, left or right, go or stay.... its all the same... we have decisions that must be made... ive made bad ones, good ones, weird ones..... um bad ones lol... but we all have failures and successes.... lets pretend im not rambling for a second... if u know what u want to be then pursue it... if its out of ur reach, o well... pursue it any way... if things just get harder, and harder, and even maybe harder... FUCK IT... that was a pun... and ladies... i mean u.... but any way... if u dont know what u want to be... o well... u know what u like, ur interests, ur beliefs may not be... um... well, concrete, but u still have a fully capable mind... u cant finish what u dont start... what im doing now... this little burst of thought... u wouldnt be reading it if u didnt start... u wouldnt be reading it if i didnt start.... life sux and then u die, right? no, life is so amazing we cant even see whats passing us by... we can choose to be whatever our mind can accomplish... the question isnt, "y r we here?" the question is... what will u do now that u r here? id say "in my opinion" but guess what... this is all my opinion... agree with it or not, this is my mind at full thinking and open power... i can say whatever i want bcuz i was givin that oppurtunity... i have this computer, a mind, my own experience (or lack of) and i hav a lot to say... well i can talk a lot... but o well. i know the more i talk the less i say and it feels great to be able to just sit here and type my mind away.... this is what im doing now.... holy shit... im done now.... r u ready for my one and only truely helpful, yet obviously retarded thought..... NOW IS NOW... IT WILL ALWAYS BE NOW..... LATER IS LATER... THE THOUGHT OF LATER BRINGS U TO NOW... SAME WITH TODAY AND TOMORROW.... PROCRASTINATION IS THE ULTIMATE FAILURE.... lets just say u want yesturday to be better... u cant make it better... but u try and u try... and guess what... today is now yesterday.. u wasted ur time with the past... u want tomorrow to be better... so u hope and u hope.... tomorrow is now that yesterday that u want to be better... today is the day that u want to be better... y cant we learn that? o i remember... prepare for ur future.. over and over... prepare.... prepare.... ur future is what counts... but how would one get to their future without goin through the now? o thats right.... ITS ALWAYS NOW... NOT ONE PERSON, PLACE OR THING CAN CHANGE THAT.... and idea can though.... u set a goal, u achieve ur goal.... and u sit in the now and realize what u had just done.... ur "now" went from... i need a goal, to i have a goal, to im workin, on my goal, to im almost there... and finally.... UR NOW BECOMES...... I DID IT.... hahahahahahahahahahahahaha then it starts over again!!!! fuckin deal with it!!!!! fuck!!!! u fuckin read this whole thing? what the fuck is wrong with u? go do sumthing with ur fuckin lives... shit!!!!! hahaha yeah i know... and i am a hippocrat... u can deal with that too, cuz this reading shit is addicting.... and so is that thinking shit... o well... live ur life... stress all ud like... but thats not how im spending my now
1. Are you male or female?:one
2. Describe yourself:the unforgiven
3. How do some people feel about you:desposable heros
4. How do you feel about yourself?:no remorse
5. Describe your family?:the four horsemen
6. Where would you rather be?:whereever i may roam
7. Describe what you want to be:the prince
8. Describe how you live:...and justice for all
9. Describe who you love:master of puppets
10.Describe what you hate:the unforgiven 2

Age: 19Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 11Day of birth: 6

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Orc

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Place of living: USA-California

Town: North Highlands

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: No

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Computer interests
action gamesemailgraphics
information seekingmaths and engineeringmusic
strategy gamesvideo

gothgrungeheavy metal
progressive metalpunkrock

Other interests
beercard gameschasing the preferred sex

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: sumo

Height: 173

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