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.rachel elaine. (Scream of the Butterfly<33)

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.rachel elaine.



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Come little childen, I take thee to my garden of magick.

.enter only if you're about to journey into the mind of a psycho path killer, blood spiller,..mentality much iller than you could ever imagine in your wildest dreams, so say your prayers, your hail marys, and hey susans, take two sticks, tape them together and make a crucifix.

(.just some poems i wrote.)

soul killer
mind thriller
blood spiller...
you're scared to even go starring into any mirror
so disturbed she just goes so biserk
(slit throats,swallowing scissors)
in the draining of fever dreams
you feel the pain of the silent screams
(whining moons lose their tunes)
its a scary feeling you're on the ceiling
(slit their throats and fuck the wound)
coughing blood that floods over the wound of "nothing"
not even your "something"
cries tears for your fears...
the knife drills
the pain kills
the blood spills and thrills- you
as it fills the gag
as it steals...
your soul...
your heart...
your life...
your eternal loneliness

What is this rush of blood?
As it goes through my veins it tingles as a warm sensation.
My eyes glisten from a thousand causes of death as the wind blows over them turning them to glass.
I'm still frame staring unfocused on the final scene.
I lose all sight as my flesh runs dry.
My guilty conscience follows me till death.
I'm frozen in a deep trance.
Glancing over for only a second would turn my whole world grey.
I'm coming undone, I flinch, as i fall bach six feet under.

[Once again beautifull]
I'm on the outside looking in, not caring of my demented sins.
So deep, my wounds never bled.
Mindless unforgiving thoughts were fed.
I'll be punished for betraying my loved ones, but my emotions fail to ever care.
My reflection drops my self-esteem while the mirror shatters on the concrete. My bones collapse as i lie in a puddle of blood, glass, and tears, having no fears of what happens next- i flex and my flesh runs dry, chills running down my spine- cold-hearted/shivering.
While the fat bleeds out...
I grab a piece of broken glass...
look inside...
and finally feel..


I grab the knife and begin to slice
the pain the blood, it all feels nice
when i look in my eyes i have to run
to see what i see is nothing called fun
it scares me and makes me want to cry more
so i turn on my heel and run out the door
i run which seems to be all i can do
to run from the world, my feelings, and you
i want to be happy and smile and laugh
but i never do as the slow days go past
i cry again and lower my head
i pull back the covers and get in to bed
i stare at the ceiling and think to myself
so this is the life that my god has delt
why do you hate me? what did i do?
all i ever did was try to love you
I never wanted to hurt anyone
so now i do what i know best, and run
the pain inside my heart is great
and i realize i have no fate
so i lie here and let the blood drip down
over my wrist and onto the ground
it turns the color of my carpet red
the color that dances around in my head
it means to be mad and angry and sad
to feel like you lost everything that you had
so i live inside a deep dark cave
i loose all my hope and are no longer brave
i give in to the feelings of saddnes and pain
it's all to hard and its hurting my brain
the thoughts that pound away in my head
the things i want, the things i dread
i can't take it anymore it all takes it's toll
and i realize that i have lost control
i don't run my life anymore
so i ask myself, what is this life for?
it's useless and wasted on someone not good
someone who didn't try all that they could
they didn't tell a single soul
of how their life was ending and had lost it's control
it's over now, that darkness comes in
to bring me now to where i begin
where i can be happy and laugh and not cry
where i can smile and try not to be shy
the blood begins to overflow
and i listen to my sadness and watch it grow
i sink to the floor with my skin so pale
i reach out a hand even though it's so frail
i pick up a pen and a paper as well
and write down my final words, my solemn farewell
"i know your wondering what caused me to go
to feel like i'm lost and don't have a home...
it's hard to explain, so i'll just tell you this
my life has been everything but simple pure bliss
every night i look to the stars and cry out
as the emotions inside scurry about
the pain the saddness, the hurt and cruel thoughts
i feel so alone, so shunned, and lost
it's not your fault, i did not tell anyone
but please understand, this wasn't for fun
i can't cry anymore, it hurts inside
and i don't know how much longer my feelings can hide
so i took action and decided to end it all
so to the ground with blood stains i fall
it's time to say goodbye for the last and final time
as up to heaven i begin my climb
i know your sad, and i'm sorry you are
but remember, i'm not really that far
a prayer away, really, you could say
or in your dreams where forever i'll stay
i just want you to know when i look down from above
my eyes will always be filled with my love..."
so i set down the paper beside me and sigh
i look to the stars, and once more i cry
they look so close, yet so far away
but inside their glow, my feelings portray
the look lonely and sad, just like me
we're not all that different as you can see
so i close my eyes for my eternal sleep
and inside my heart i will always keep
a saying of hurt but love so true...
"i greet this smile...that's long overdue..."
and so now i lay here, you're looking at me
and i'm right beside you, i see what you see
you see my head turned toward the night sky
looking out at the moon with a smile so sly
then you look in my eyes, and get chilled to the bone
the last feeling i felt was only...alone

[Creatures of the Night]
The night is still and sombre
and in the murky gloom
arisen from her slumber
the vampyress leaves her tomb
Her eyes are pools of fire
her skin is icy white
and blood her one desire
this woebegotten night
Then through the silent city
she makes her silent way
prepared to take no pity
upon her hapless prey
An open window beckons
she grins a hungry grin
and pausing not one second
she swiftly climb within



.acid bath.

.all shall perish.

.all that remains.


.as blood runs black.

.as i lay dying.


.avenged 7x.


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.three days grace.





On Saturday morning, July 1, 2006.....around 3:00 a.m. Meeko was at a party.....he decided to walk off by himself like he usually does when hes drunk and got hit by a drunk driver. The car, which happend to be a mustang (lowrider), drug him 120 feet before he finally got loose. The driver was Johnny Gallez. This just happend to be a hit and run, but the fucker is now in jail because they found the blood on his wheels. His arm got taken off and his face is messed up.......He was pronounced dead at 3:55 a.m.

Brandon Yoho was one of the most happy people i've even met. He always had a smile on his face, even if it was a bad day. He always could make anyone smile....or even laugh. He was there when everyone needed him....but now...even thought he's gone.......he'll always be with us.....if you truely our hearts. His spirit will always carry on. We love you always Meeko.

REST IN PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There are some qualities- some incorporate things,That have a double life, which thus is made A type of that twin entity which springs From matter and light, evinced in solid and shade.There is a two-fold Silence- sea and shore-Body and soul. One dwells in lonely places,Newly with grass o'ergrown; some solemn graces,Some human memories and tearful lore,Render him terrorless: his name's "No More." He is the corporate Silence: dread him not! No power hath he of evil in himself; But should some urgent fate (untimely lot!)Bring thee to meet his shadow (nameless elf,That haunteth the lone regions where hath trod. No foot of man,) commend thyself to God!

.And the beauty of the winged creatures faltered,drowning them in despair,the only wisions given them,were those of dread and fear.


Age: 17Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 27

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Human

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: USA-Illinois

Town: Georgetown a.k.a. G-town

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
graphicsinformation seekingmusic

grungeheavy metalhip hop
housenew agepop
progressive metalrapreggae

Other interests
board gamesbookscard games
crime storiesdancingdogs
theatretravellingwatching sport

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: same sex

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 163

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