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SexAndSugar_x (Yu think yur my friend? im tellin yu blud...yu ent)

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Name: nice. sweet. fantastic.




Ye The Names Emily...And I'm Pretty Much A Big Deal.

Im Way To Cool For You Boy, Thats Why It Will Never Work. I'll Have You Suicidal,Suicidal When I Say Its Over.
Damn All These Beautiful Girls, We're Only Gunna Do Your Dirt, We'll Have You Suicidal, Suicidal when we say its over.

I AiN'T EAsY tO FiND. iM ONe Of A KiND.

Let's get it poppin' shorty we can switch positions
From the [c.o.u.c.h] to the [c.o.u.n..t.e.r.s in my kitchen]

Cuz Baby, Everytime That We Rendezvous, I Dont Wanna Go Back Home

[..SeRiAl KiLLa..]


ye i got a [.sweet.] side..but clock a sexual healer.

oh baby, its alright, you aint gotta flaunt it for me.

[i dont need the cheese or the car keys, boy, i like you just the way you are.]

Is It So Wrong To C r a v e Recoginition?
To Want M O R E Than Is Givin To You?

Whos to say darkened clouds must lead to rain?
Whos to say the problem should just go away?
Whos to point at finger at whats not understood.


We're all mad in our own way, [Colours paint the grey away.]

Different people all the same, each reveals a meaning.

We're all mad in our own way,
fill the sky with different shades,

Read the story on each page, each reveals the meaning.

If you wont dance then GET out, GET out.
and if you cant sing then SHOUT like me.
If you've got a drink then neck the whole cup.
If you don't know the words then just make them up.
V o l u m e is all it takes.

Make some noise, wake up your flatmates.

[You cant love without give and take.]


Reachin for something in the distant so close you can almost taste it.
[release your inabitions.]

Feel the rain on your skin, No one else can feel it for you, Only you can let it in.

[No one else can speak whats on your lips, drench yourself in words unspoken.] live you life with arms open wide.

A little message to all the girls =]
Fuck off sending me messages saying 'whore' etc. I aint done shit to any of you. And like i give a crap about what any of you think. So if you think sommin bad bout me do yourself a favor and keep it to yourself. Get a fuckin life. Dont get confused between HATE and JEALOUSY love.

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Place of living: United Kingdom-England

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