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Moat Boy (... Viva ...)

Member #155410 created: 2005-08-27 03:17:10Simple URL:   

Name: D(arre/\/) - Moaty


Yo Ho, Euro. 08

Drawing missing.

Elftown titles and orders
Town DrunkAdventurer

To be honest, which I prefer, I'm still ponderous with regardz to accurate entries for here as I feel I’m in a perpetual state O’ Flux. So I'll just keep entering bits as they present.
I know I'm morphing, this life alone it has been extreme of late, I embrace keenly. :D

I'm may be little more then nuthing if only the tender of the Moat.

Sludge Master Extreme,
Bugger of the Byzantine Barramundi
and Manipulator of the Mystical Mullet.

I plead my Mud Shoveling servitude to THE Empress[BadCat] and her Cloudy[Stormy] Court Companion.

Say hello, we may have meet.
If not before, then soon I'm sure.

I know I am me, I'm pretty sure I haven't always been 'just' me but for now I know that I am.
Whatz behind that, good question?
How about if when you meet some'body' for the very first time but you just know you know them, then maybe you've already meet them when they were some'body' else?

Apparently my inner Dragon is a Silver Dragon. I'm rather content with such, slightly amuzed but content.
Go here and find your inner Dragon

Moat-Boy has been to a place of tree drenched beauty.
Big Hills, Big Rocks and some Big Trees, a stunning Realm, YUMMM.
The birds and the animals, views and smells.
Moaty wantz to be there........
I think I really miss the lantana..... :D

Bugger the Empress (well, if she askz... ;-)
Tarkan has possessed partz of my earz, O well.

Moaty don't like Walls, walls are not good, shoes are not good, a massive bunch of rulez that 'force' us to wear pants are not good. Let me free to roam the outdoorz, frolic with Goats and sit on rockz.... *sighz*

I do have a digital camera and if I had it closer more often then I would truely photograph like a Deviant of Art

And just 'cause I feel like vocalizing it .....

Stess, stress buildz and I feel a fracture. The Pressure from above I feel is begining to show, I Know.
I can feel it, hear it I do, I'm trying to bend but I can hear the tell-tale soundz.
Strong is no good when your tensile and brittle.
Reinforced Cheese girderz, now there's a construction material....

As another year is sunk upon the moat, Moaty is off to Woodford for a wee lil' folk festival.
This is kinda the first WFf for Moaty, and D for that matter, before the journey has been told, soon friendz...soon.

For all upon the bus, sorry now for the hillz and curves, but ALL IS GOOD.


I think I need a Poll....??  Hmmmm

[Boxerz or Jockz] Kostya Tzu
[Ever kissed a bovine] mooooore then once
[Ever had a comprimising photo taken] Does in the emergency room count?
[Ever had sex with a Monkey] see-Previous answer.
[Age this life] -less

C U on the otherside....
Me-a-ow to all...!


I took a Koala that thought she was a speed-hump to the Animal Emergency
She was cowering on the road, felt best to get her somewhere warm and kind then freezing her behind.
Alas, her insidez did not take kindly to being struck..... The night did not see her thru.
RIP, Lil' Native Fur.

Dial before Rocking


Even Better, If Ye got this far and this is a cheap number for you to call (Int)+ 1 239 935-5419, then feel free.
I have a dodgey old SKYPE number in that area for until 6th Nov orso, so hey.... ;-)
(Just let it ring for a while as it can go thru a few diversions to get to me, NO Xtra Charge to U)



Dancez Like a Pansie
Gigglez like a Squid

Age: 39Year of birth: 1968Month of birth: 11Day of birth: 2

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Halfling
Elftownworldmap 29°27.624'S 153°21.030'E

Place of living: Australia

Town: Bris-Vegas

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
information seekingmaths and engineeringmusic
pr0nuse communitiesweb design

eurodiscofolk musicjazz
new ageoperareggae

Other interests
pornrole playingscifi

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: unknown

Body shape: normal

Height: 175

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