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Name: Beki


New hair! I kinda love it, kinda think i look like a total man XD my brothers friend said i looked like a more girly Pink, which made me laugh!
Me and Alex are so starting a Lesbian Hair club. She doesn't know about it yet, but we are XD


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No wonder you're late. This watch is exactly two days slow.

Hello, and welcome to my own little Wonderland. I'm Beki, Bek to the people who can't be bothered with more than 1 syllable, Beki Mofo to some, Reb to my family. You can call me whatever you want.

We're all mad here.
I'm mad.

You're mad.

This is the point where most people put a large list of the things they like, the things they don't like, the music they listen to, and lots of other things that hardly anyone ever reads anyway. So i'm not going to do that. If you really want to know what i like and dislike that badly, you can always ask. At least then we'd have something other than the weather to talk about. About me? Well, i'm 18 years young, female (which i hope is obvious) and i have alot to say about the world. I'm not an optimist, but i'm not a pessimist either. I like to go with the flow, sit back, see what happens and learn from it. I'm usually a happy person, and i try to be nice to people as much as possible, even when they're not particularly nice to me. I have my down days, just like everyone else, but i try not to let my bad moods rub off on the people around me. I'm very open and honest, i don't mind if people think i'm odd, i still let my opinion be known. I've been called impulsive, which i suppose is true, as i do tend to do things spontaniously without really thinking about what the outcome of my actions might be. But life is more fun that way. One thing i've learned recently is that you have to be impulsive sometimes, because if you spend too long thinking about something, the opportunity may just pass you by. Live with no regrets, if you want to do something, just do it! Anyway... I've also been called a loveable psycho recently, but i think i'll ignore that one :) I've been on a big learning curve this past year, and as such have changed a hell of a lot. I like to think i'm more mature now, but deep down i'm still a 12 year old at heart :p I'm currently doing nothing with my life (lol) but in 3 months i'll be going to college to do an art course, and then who knows where i'll go from there? The future is unclear, as my magic 8 ball once said :) I've now had to shrink down the size of my writing, because i'm writing way to much, but i still have so much to say! I'm a bit of a deep thinker, i like to spend time to myself just thinking about things, so if you feel like having a deep and philosophical chat at stupid o'clock at night, then feel free to message me. But that doesn't mean every message you send has to start with a 'To be or not to be,' i'd be happy with a 'I really like orange juice, do you?' :D So, i'm going to stop this before it turns into my biography. Message me if you like, i'll do my best to be interesting and inspiring with my conversation, but no promises ;p  I really do like orange juice, though :)

I have an excellent idea. Let's change the subject.

I'm not done yet.

Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end.

Then Stop.

Do you know where you're going? No? Then what does it matter which road you take?

Who in the world am I?
Ah, that's the great puzzle.

A note for the stupid: This girl has a brain. Shocking, i know. She would appreciate it if you try and come up with something more constructive than 'hi, how are you?' or other such boring things in your messages. She very rarely replies to messages such as these, as small talk bores her. If you happen to have a very entertaining house or you happen to be extremely good looking or cool, she might let you get away with 'hi' messages. But the response, as always, will be 'hi'. That is all.

Time for you to go now. Read these directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction.

But, one last thing...
Before you go...

Why is a raven like a writing desk?


Age: 31Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 14

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Halfling
Elftownworldmap 52°46.182'N 3°51.042'W

Place of living: United Kingdom-Wales

Town: OFF TO AZERBAIJAN!!! (I'm actually from Wales XD)

Known languages

Elfwood artist: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests

alternativefolk musicgoth
grungeheavy metalprogressive metal

Other interests
beerbookschasing the preferred sex

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

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