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Vlashneer (Going to get back to being active again. Yay!)

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Name: Nathan


A very recent pic of me. I should have shaved first. I'm not sure why it came out sideways.


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[Halloo - ) and welcome to the craziness and rather entertaining (if not although slightly demented) world of NATHAN!]

[^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^]

VISIT MY WIKI! Vlashneer's TMI

It's slightly disturbing though, so it fits me perfectly. Oh, and if you're squimish, please don't complain to me if you vomit. Unless it was an interesting color, or something like a rubber ducky came up.

[^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^]

"If elected, our country probably won't go to war with Taiwan.....Probably."

[^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^]

What to say about myself, hmmm, let me see.....STOP STARING AT ME WITH YOUR COLD UNFEELING EXAMINING EYES! *shivers in the corner* I'm slightly spastic. Or maybe slightly more than spastic, maybe very spastic. Who knows, it has yet to be determined. I like chatting with people, and roleplaying. It's a nice escape from reality, because let's face it. We all need escapes from reality, because if we never escaped reality, we'd become slaves to ourselves...*nods to self with arms folded across his chest*

[^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^]

So yeah, I'm a poet, But my poetry is good, I swear it. I had a piece of mine published once, but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the book. Bwahahahahaha! Oh well, no biggie.

So yeah, back to that whole roleplaying thing I mentioned earlier. I like the archaic kind of stuff, nothing to advanced. In fact, the highest form of technology I like in my roleplaying is, ummmm, steampower at the highest. But for the love of God, I'd rather it not even be that. And yeah, I like the adventure kind of stuff, and if it is a slight love story, I don't mind. =D Also while I'm at it. I will not tolerate gay bashing seeing as I'm bisexual and proud of it.

Feel free to send me messages about anything. Unless you don't like something about my page. Then I don't give a rat's ass. Because let's face it, any idiot can say something stupid, just like any idiot can pull the pin from a grenade. It's just all about knowing what to do from there....The smart people will understand that. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! And on another note... If u tlk lyk dss. I WILL COMPLETELY IGNORE YOU! Not because I don't think you can have an intelligent conversation. But I just have better things to do with my time than try and decipher the gibberish you're trying to pass as the English language. XD

[^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^]

Okay, for all of you that have made it this far into my page. CONGRATULATIONS! To bad there is so much more of my ranting to read! (don't worry, this page ends, I promise, even I have my limits...and so does my space to type. Damn you 500 line limit, damn you)


Video Games
Weaponry in general
Not having Dial up


Bill Gates
Peeple dat tlk lyk dss
The Cable Guy (bad movie *shivers*)
Spicy food
Overplayed music on the radio
Those tiny hairs after you get a haircut
100% cotton
Scratched discs

[^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^]

A few poems by me!

If forever

If I could have forever,
And spend it in your arms.
Then forever wouldn’t be so bad,
As long as we were not apart.

God offered me eternity,
A life that would never end.
I jumped at the opportunity,
Until I found out my friend.

Eternity had its price,
One I can not bare.
I’d spend out the rest of my life,
With you never there.

So I looked to him and told him,
That I could not oblige,
Cause life is not worth living,
Without you by my side.

If forever meant that I could,
Never have you by my side.
Then I’d trade away forever,
Just to hold you one last time.

Shadowed Soul

Bright light shining 'round me,
Cast in the shadows of my own despair.
Flickers of hope dance in front of me,
Then pull away when I reach out.
Trapped in the darkness I wonder,
If the light is ever meant for me.
Or do I sit here in the shadows?
And watch others dance so free.

I've given up on reaching for the light.
For it's not something I can ever touch.
The shadows darken around me,
Barring me from ever escaping.
My heart shut away from love,
Protecting it's self from the pain.


Looking at this piece of pie,
I can't help but to think why?
Why don't I make it go bye bye?
Eat it in the flash of an eye.

Is it because the taste,
So pure that I can't seal it's fate?
Or is it just to late?
For the final bite I should take?

My fork inserts into it's side.
And then my mouth opens wide.
A taste so good I nearly cried.
Finally finished I let out a sigh.

The Masks We Wear

There's masks we wear from time to time.
That we decorate within our minds.
They show just what we want people to see.
The tools we use to try and decieve.

Some are scary and use fear to hide.
The pain and anguish that we feel inside.
Some are pleasant, like a happy face.
But even they are used to hide disgrace.

All of us fear to remove these masks.
For the questions that we know they'll ask.
So all alone we hide our shames.
Wanting not to appear in the least be lame.

We polish them with whole new looks.
Opening another chapter in our life long books.
But eventually we drop our masks.
And get caught up in our broken pasts.

We all fear that this day will come.
And it proves to much to handle for some.
So one last time they put on a mask.
The final act as their life does pass.

Oh travesty for those who can not cope.
That end it all at the end of a rope.
Their hardships they could not transcend,
Bringing everything to a crashing end.

So why is it that we put on these masks?
It's a question that I have to ask.
What do we wish to try and hide?
The answer lies before our eyes.

A world of perceptions based merely on lies.
About what's perfect in our everyday lives.
A standard that we can not reach,
That's why so many hide in defeat.

Let us remove the masks we wear to try and hide.
And show what's truly deep inside.
So that one day we can always show our true face.
An improvement for the human race.

[^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^ ^<v>^]

CONGRATS TO THOSE OF YOU THAT MADE IT TO THE BOTTOM! (I promise, this is the lasts of my rantings) Wow, is anyone still even reading this I wonder? If they are, they must be really bored. *nods to self* Yes, very bored indeed. Which means you have plenty of time to say "Hello," to me. ^.^ This would make me happy, I need friends. Friends are good. Except for those people that claim to be your friends then stab you in the back. Those aren't friends, noooo. Those people should be shot, burried, unburried, drug out into a street, ran over, put it in reverse, and repeat process... Umm, what was I aiming for here again??? Oh, yeah, something about, okay, I'm on track again. Yes, message me, entertain your fancy on what I might say or do. But beware, you may dive into a world that you find sick and twisted.


Age: 25Year of birth: 1985Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 2

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Elf

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Place of living: USA-Colorado

Town: Colorado Springs

Known languages

Elfwood artist: No

Elfwood writer: Yes

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartchat

gothgrungeheavy metal
new ageoperapunk

Other interests
board gamesbookscard games
catschesscrime stories
poetryreligionrole playing

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: plump

Height: 165

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